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official MSCL soundtrack

Posted: Jul 23rd 1999, 8:29 pm
by Jamesrim
I am attempting to locate a sound track to the excellent series 'my so-called life'. However I am having great difficulty in locating such a thing. If anyone has any more infomation on this or info on where I could order a copy I would be extremly grateful. Thank you very much.

Re: MSCL soundtrack

Posted: Jul 24th 1999, 8:20 pm
by angelika
I received the MSCL soundtrack as a gift last December. I bought one for my friend at Camelot music in the mall near my house--I'm not sure whether or not it is still available, but it seems like you could be able to place it on order through your local record store--just ask. It's under Atlantic Recording Corporation. It's a great CD, complete with my favorite song, "Make it Home." Good luck! :-)

Re: MSCL soundtrack

Posted: Jul 26th 1999, 3:14 pm
by BeeJay
Angelika has good advise - see if you can find it locally. If you can't, you can always order it on-line (my personal favorite). I got the CD from But...I was really disappointed in the CD - it's not the music from the show (except for one track).


Posted: Oct 18th 1999, 4:47 pm
by worldsapart
I was checking out the local used cd stores and noticed quite a few copies of the MSCL soundtrack (4 or 5) I was thinking...if anyone out there is looking for the sdtrk and having trouble finding it, just let me know and I'll pick you up a copy (I think they were like $7.99 or $8.99 and then you'd just have to add S&H)-- just thought I'd make the offer just in case. =)


Re: soundtrack

Posted: Oct 18th 1999, 4:57 pm
by oldguy
Hey, I'm interested. I've never seen this before in my area
---- Write me at (Thanks)

Re: soundtrack

Posted: Oct 19th 1999, 4:38 pm
by mia
I don't know why they chose the songs they did for the official soundtrack. I'm sure it had something to do with permission or price or something, but it seems like they could have chosen a better selection of tracks.

Re: My So-called Tapes

Posted: Oct 20th 1999, 6:38 pm
by grim4746
I have to agree that the soundtrack (the official one) is sort of bad but there are some songs I like. I'm a big fan of frente and Archers of Loaf (although that recording of South Carolina is the worst I've ever heard). I certainly think there were a lot of songs from the show that would have made it better had they been used.

Why isn't Red on the soundtrack cd?

Posted: May 5th 2000, 3:52 pm
by Guest

Re: MSCL soundtrack

Posted: Jul 17th 2000, 1:41 am
by oldguy
In honor of Angelika's 1000th post, I thought it would be cool to go back and reply to one of the earliest posts on this board ---- This one referring to the MSCL soundtrack CD. It's really cool that in only one year, we have put together a replacement soundtrack CD that has all of the songs and a lot of great audio excerpts from the show. This is a tribute to the power of the website and this board. Mega-compliments everyone!

Re: MSCL soundtrack

Posted: Jul 18th 2000, 10:52 am
by Guest
You are right, it is definately unfortunate none of W.G. Snuffy Walden's underscore made it to the soundtrack CD....I have the full music from 13 episodes of MSCL, including several vocals performed by Jared Leto from the "Jordan Can't Read" episode, and its really something else; as a film score fan and semi-employee, I don't think any other composer could have done what Walden did.


Re: MSCL soundtrack

Posted: Jul 19th 2000, 11:29 pm
by Guest
I've seen it basically anywhere that you would buy CDs; it must be available...where do you live? I never bought it, though; it doesn't have msot of the songs I would want. Oh, hey, do you guys have any idea of how long it will take to make the 2nd CD?

Re: MSCL soundtrack

Posted: Sep 6th 2000, 12:46 am
by Alee
Ok, so I know you guys don't really care, but I never wanted the soundtrack before; I'd seen it dozens of times and took it for granted. So one day, I decide, hey, even if I don't really like it, I might as well get it, especially if it might go out of print. Lo and behold, I go searching for it to no avail. It supposedly is probably going to be out of print soon, and I ordered copies from Sam Goody (I already got one). So, anyway, I just felt like posting this, 'cause it truly was one of those weird kinds of experiences...almost like psychic. Woo. Not that I believe in that or anything. Anyway my main point is try ordering the CD.

Re: MSCL soundtrack

Posted: Sep 6th 2000, 4:52 pm
by Guest
eBay always has lots of copies for cheap

Re: Why´s not Red on the Soundtrack cd

Posted: Oct 18th 2001, 2:37 pm
by Joanna
Because the MSCL official soundtrack is crap!!! It doesn't even have THE MSCL song (Late at Night by Buffalo Tom) the track EVERYONE that's a fan of the show wants! Doh!

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