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MSCL and Vanilla Sky

Posted: Jun 24th 2002, 1:35 pm
by Guest
Someone posted last week about the Jerry Maguire-MSCL connection. I watched Vanilla Sky over the weekend--another Cameron Crowe film--and it *also* contains a running shot that is identical to the MSCL opening credits/Let's Bolt shot.

For those interested, it occurs a little over an hour into the film, after Tom Cruise, Penelope Cruise, and Jason Lee have left the club. Jason Lee runs off, and Tom Cruise goes running after him, and...well...that's the running shot. If you see it, though, the connection is immediately obvious.

I'm tempted to go back and watch Almost Famous to see if there's anything in that, too! ;)

Re: MSCL and Vanilla Sky

Posted: Jun 24th 2002, 1:45 pm
by mgreeson
That's true, I never thought about that.

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