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Alan Sepinwall will discuss MSCL pilot episode

Posted: Jul 17th 2013, 6:06 am
by Sascha
MSCL fan Andrew sent us this message:

"One of the best TV reviewers - Alan Sepinwall - as well as his editor Dan Fienberg of have a weekly podcast. This summer, they have been watching pilots of TV shows and discussing them, usually for 15+ minutes.

They just posted their newest podcast (where they discuss the X-Files pilot) and for the next podcast (or the one after that) they will discuss the MSCL pilot! ... files-more

You can hear the podcast here; they discuss MSCL at the 1:17 point - ... ast192.mp3

BTW, when they refer to MSCL as a failure, I think they mean it was cancelled early. You can see from Sepinwall's review of the DVD he thought the series was terrific:

Thanks Andrew!