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Looking for MSCL Fans in LA for PBS Documentary!

Posted: Dec 20th 2002, 3:50 pm
by Sascha
We received an email from Christopher Buchanan, the producer of a PBS documentary called "Do You Speak American?". He describes the documentary as "all about language ... what shapes it, how we use it, where we get it, etc. It will be done as a journey across the country, listening to people speak, and talking with them about language."

For a segment about "the impact of TV and movies on language and the other way around" he is looking for fans who might have something interesting to say about the "voice" of MSCL.

They'll be in LA around mid-January for shooting an interview with Winnie Holzman and other things, so if anyone is interested in presenting a fan's opinion about MSCL (and I'm sure you are interested ... I know I would if I were in LA ;-)) ... you can contact Christopher Buchanan at . Note: You have to be in the Greater LA area (say Venture to Orange Co.) in mid-January.

sounds kewl

Posted: Dec 22nd 2002, 7:57 pm
by crimsonglowgurl
Id love to see the documentary...any idea on when it will be finished/aired/where we can keep up with the latest happenings with it??