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Interesting Once and Again article on Bedford Falls

Posted: May 27th 2001, 12:51 pm
by Guest
I just found this article while I was bored and searching the net. It doesn't mention MSCL, but still gives quite a good backround to the producers

Re: Interesting article

Posted: May 30th 2001, 11:42 am
by Ken
Where is it?

Re: Interesting article

Posted: May 31st 2001, 7:27 am
by richard
Sorry, I'm an idiot.

It is:

<A HREF=" ... rt.html</A>

Re: Interesting article

Posted: Jun 2nd 2001, 2:42 am
by Ken
Thanks. How's Once and Again? Anyone watched much of that? I live in Australia and they only showed 8 episodes before it was taken off. I like it but MSCL is the best, of course :-)