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Posted: Apr 19th 2006, 2:53 am
by Sascha
USAToday has a nice round-up of what the former cast of "thirtysomething" is doing now.

Posted: Apr 19th 2006, 5:24 am
by EricMontreal22
Awesome thanks!

I could throttle Canada's WTN for airing the series last year, getting me hooked and then pulling it 15 eps before the end of season 4 :twisted: We need a DVD release

Posted: Apr 19th 2006, 5:27 am
by EricMontreal22
Although I have no clue what Olin means by Narcissim in this comment:

"Besides finishing Alias' final few episodes, Olin also has wrapped shooting on the pilot Brothers & Sisters, a family drama with Calista Flockhart and Rachel Griffiths. If picked up by ABC for fall, it would be the first series created by Olin.

The central characters are in their 30s, five siblings raised in California. The series looks at their relationships, although not the way thirtysomething did: "That kind of narcissism, it's not the time for it," Olin says.

Brothers & Sisters, which he created with playwright Jon Robin Baitz, is more story-driven with secrets and mysteries. "It's a little thirtysomething, a little Knots Landing," he says.

Posted: May 24th 2007, 3:36 pm
by Sascha
"Brothers and Sisters" is in some way really "thirtysomething: The Next Generation". Not to mention "30s" alumni Ken Olin and Patricia Wettig, it also features interesting family drama storylines and believable characters (although it tends to go a little overboard sometimes). The show has an excellent cast with amazing Emmy-worthy performances. Sally Field as widow and mother delivers one of her best performances ever, but so do her co-stars Calista Flockhart (Ally McBeal), Rachel Griffiths (Six Feet Under) and of course Patricia Wettig.

And then there is Rob Lowe (West Wing), who joined the cast in mid-season. He and his character have been a perfect addition to the show.

Greg Berlanti (Everwood) co-produces this show and fans of his former projects "Jack & Bobby" and "Everwood" will also find some interesting trivia tidbits more or less hidden in "Brothers and Sisters". ("Everwood" fans will also recognize Emily VanCamp as a guest star in the second half of the first season).

I really recommend this show to fans of "thirtysomething" and "Once and Again". It may not always reach the high levels of these shows, but it's still one of the best new shows of the season.

It just has been renewed for a second season, which will start in the fall of 2007.