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Welcome to the FanFictionForum (FFF) !

Posted: Jul 14th 1999, 6:51 pm
by Sascha
Welcome to the FanFictionForum (FFF) !
Finally, the FanFictionSite has got it's own forum. Here's the place to discuss your favorite stories and poems or just complain about the lack of updates on the site. <img src="/internal/wwwthreads/images/smile.gif">

Re: Welcome to the FanFictionForum (FFF) !

Posted: Jul 31st 1999, 2:15 pm
by Guest
Hi !
I'm a french fan, so I hope you'll understand my bad english !
I was despaired before finding the fan fiction, I was, like , addicted of Angéla, Brian, Riquie and the other.
So, I'd like to thanks the authors, and the readers too, who keep MSCL in life.
Like you, in this forum.
And, thanks to all the personns who will, or had ever, write (or writen) in this forum.
The fan fiction I prefer is , you know, the fan fictions by somebody calls Fishers; the ones which begin by "Pregnant Pauses".
What about you ?