my season 2

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my season 2

Post by trinja » Jul 25th 2021, 1:59 am

I'm trying anyway! I'm about halfway through what I think will be about 70kish words of my feelings about everything. It's a lot of Angela and Jordan but really trying to see them as they are and not as I want them to be (ie this couple that works). It's Sharon and Rayanne hanging out, watching tv and shooting the s**t. It's Brian in a bunch of poems. It's a whole lot of 90s music recs as I pair each chapter to a song (nothing before jan 1995 or that was used in a show). It's me being a goddam nerd and having the time of my life.

It's called Another Time Around
Read on AO3
FFN ... ime-Around

Let me know what you think :)

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