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Tom Irwin sighting at Starbucks

Posted: Sep 21st 2002, 5:18 am
by Random
I just thought I should mention that I saw Tom Irwin at Starbuck's in the East Village, the huge one at Astor Place (not the other one by Cooper Union). It was maybe two or three years ago. I freaked out and was telling my date, "Look, that's Angela's dad! OMG!" Tom Irwin was such a sex symbol as Angela's dad. He oozed sexuality in a different way than Angela and Jordan Catalano did. Anyway, I was busy going crazy and Tom Irwin just looked annoyed. My date was pissed that I was paying more attention to Tom Irwin and Tom Irwin eventually left after ordering his coffee, still looking pretty weirded out and annoyed at having been recognized as "Angela's dad". It's sad, because up until that point I really liked him. But then I realized I only liked his character on MSCL and that had nothing to do with who he really was. It so sucks when you meet celebrities/actors in person and they freak out or react badly and destroy that whole image you have of them.