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Posted: Aug 8th 2004, 9:02 pm
by Jody Barsch*
Leo wrote:Hey, MSCL was life-changing for some people. ;)
Really? In what way has watching this TV show changed your life? I can understand influencing, but not changing. Any examples? (there's actually a thread on this subject in the show forum where you can address this topic)

Posted: Feb 1st 2005, 3:46 am
by lizzybeth
VH1 just aired I Love the 90's part deux all last week, I cought a few years, did i miss them talk about MSCL or did they not talk about the show? They talked about Freak and Geeks, another fave show of mine. So did anyone watch the show last week? Some one please let me know... :)

Posted: Feb 1st 2005, 11:45 am
by schris
I was watching '94 last week and I didn't see anything mentioned about MSCL. I really thought they would but oh well....