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wilson cruz came to my college (2000)

Posted: Sep 9th 2002, 3:40 pm
by rionne
ok, so it's was two years ago, but still. people didn't understand why i got so excited, but i'm sure you all will. he came here to speak at a LGTBSU and HSU event. he was great, funny and very humble. he was so cute. :) when asked what he thought of his character for mscl...he said he was, at first pissed off, cuz he thought someone followed him around high school and copied his life down without his knowing. basically, the part was very close to home for him. (just a little cruz tidbit.) oh, and he sung. nice voice. he's such a powerful actor, i'd love to see him in more mainstream films. he made me cry in ally mcbeal. claire danes amazes me with her ability to act...wilson comes a very close second. hopefully he'll get his moment to full-on shine.