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Posted: Nov 8th 2004, 2:03 am
by Jody Barsch*
Kristin wrote:ps --- Jody, do you mean you couldn't care less about Claire? Just to clarify...
Oops! :roll: My mistake, well, actually I probably could care less, if I tried, but lets just stick with couldn't. No, my distaste for Claire has nothing at all to do with her love life, or her personal life at all. And my irritation with her dates back for years, probably around the time Brokedown Palace came out. I'm not quite sure how to express it, and I really don't want to offend anyone on the site -- I loved Claire in MSCL, Little Women, R&J, she had brilliant instincts, giving tremendous and authentic performances, but for a while now I have found her tiresome and irritating. I too am looking forward to Shopgirl, I love Steve Martin, but was so disapointed to here that Danes is playing Mirabelle, it does not seem to fit at all. (And yes, it is almost painful to look at her these past few years, she is much too thin and it is taking a toll, but really that is her concern, and absolutely no reason for me to dislike her. If I was going to be that petty, I'd harp on her dropping out of Yale). I'm sorry, I did not want to start an anti-Claire campaign. Image

Posted: Nov 8th 2004, 2:31 am
by SanDeE*
That's a great picture! Where did you find it? Damn I love Steve Martin, I find myself strangely attracted to him. That is sick because he is older than my father. Ah well.

The thing about Claire that has bugged me the most is her film choices. I never saw Brokedown Palace or Terminator III, because they just looked... not like "Claire Danes movies." I liked her in The Hours and Igby Goes Down, of course, those were pretty small roles. You know, there are lots of things wrong with Polish Wedding, and I know it's not one of the best movies out there, but I actually like that one and Claire seems to fit in that role, as well as R+J and Little Women. Jody, who do you think would be a better choice for Mirabelle in Shopgirl? People were saying Winona Ryder or Audrey Tatou maybe on the forums at (those people are crazy over there...). I think Claire is probably a fine choice for Mirabelle. When I read the book Mirabelle seemed like she could be Angela from MSCL in ten years maybe... And of course Steve Martin will play Ray. The thing about this casting that doesn't sit right with me is I don't think there will be any sexual/romantic chemistry between Steve and Claire. That I don't buy. Sarah Jessica Parker worked in LA Story and oddly enough so did Helena Bonham Carter in Novacaine. At least, those are the only comparisons I can think of: Steve with a younger woman where it worked and they had some chemistry. Maybe Claire needs one more name for it to work. :wink:

Posted: Nov 9th 2004, 1:51 am
by SanDeE*
Kristin wrote:Where is the Love
Okay I'm an idiot. It's called It's All About Love.