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Posted: Aug 4th 2004, 10:09 pm
by lance
Hey all,

I guess this topic could go here in the political discussion or perhaps in So-Called Life section.

Either way, if you currently volunteering on a political campaign please share your thoughts and experiences. If you ever had served as a volunteer on a political campaign, in whatever country or political system, please share.

Currently I am volunteering with the Las Vegas Democrats. Unlike the Ohio Democratic Party of the past, Las Vegas Democrats are extremely together, united and motivated.

I spent most of the day making phone calls on behalf of the local Congresswoman as well as conducting political pollings. Some of the work was boring but others was quite interesting. A broad segment of society was represented in the room: mothers with children, senior citizens, college students, many of those between jobs (like myself), whites, blacks, hispanics, men and women.

I was extremely encouraged by the volume of volunteers who came to help.


Posted: Aug 4th 2004, 11:00 pm
by Natasha (candygirl)
I have never volunteered to help with anything political in the strictest sense, but I did a lot of volunteer work when I was in college and my experience was that no matter what organization we worked with (American Cancer Society, Planned Parenthood, AIDS Walk, etc), no matter how huge and national or small and local, the volunteers were a diverse group of people - a huge range of ages, ethnicities, and beliefs. The one thing we all had in common was that we wanted to help and make a difference.