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Movie of *your* So-Called Life

Posted: Aug 21st 2002, 10:54 pm
by ClarenceWorley
Okay, time for another pseudo-poll. But this time it's all about you, yes you.

If there was ever to be a movie made based on you at any period of your life, who would be the ideal actor to play, you?

Myself, an obvious choice would be John Cusack, but I think I'd have to go for Ben Stiller. Maybe because he could balance my serious and strange demeanours succinctly, but that's reading way too much into it. :wink:

So, who would play you :?:

Posted: Aug 22nd 2002, 4:28 am
by KrokRos
This is gonna sound silly, but I haven't put much thought into this and the first thought was Claire Danes. I don't think Cameron Diaz or Alicia Silverstone would be anything like me. If I think of a better one, I'll get back to you.

I was also thinking that since I'm from Sweden maybe a swedish actor should play me but ... I'm afriad I have to give this more thought. I'm still pretty sure about Danes, though.

Posted: Aug 26th 2002, 1:29 pm
by Nostradamus
I can't think of any actors fit to portray me as an adult, either for appearance or personality. However, if you made a movie of my childhood, the kid in the title role of the recent Harry Potter flick would be a close match for looks. Just give him really, really thick glasses. Thank the gods they invented high index lenses! 8)

Posted: Aug 27th 2002, 12:52 am
by Natasha (candygirl)
My glasses were the bane of my childhood too! I was cursed with bad bad BAD vision. I had to wear glasses by second grade and they just got thicker and heavier with every visit to the optometrist. It was so bad that in fifth grade they were already considering letting me wear contact lenses. Now I am a gas permeable girl without any glasses, not even a spare pair. Sadly my eyes never stabilized so they still get worse every year. This is not good news since I am getting to the age where the eyes deteriorate! My eye doctor already told me that if I had a lasik procedure done, I would still have to wear contacts or glasses. Blind as a bat am I!

So I sympathized with poor Harry Potter as well as you Nostradamus!


Posted: Aug 27th 2002, 5:57 am
by Nostradamus
I wish I had your intestinal fortitude, Candygirl, but I can't even watch someone else put in contacts without flinching! I'd probably be a good candidate for surgery, either laser or implants, if I wasn't such a wuss. As it is, I've settled for top-of-the-line glasses. It's funny how I quote eyewear statistics like most guys quote automotive performance: lightweight scratch-resistant high-index shatterproof Transitions lenses with UV and anti-reflective coatings mated to lightweight flexible rimless titanium frames! (Manly Grunting) :P

Sadly I too will likely never stop worrying about my eyes as my doc recently told me I have "abnormally high intraocular fluid pressure levels" which translates to a Glaucoma check every year or so. :?

Anyway, to get back on topic a little, which nerdy bespectacled child star did you resemble? My guess is Daria Morgendorffer... :wink:

"Trent Jr. needs glasses. Thick ones."

Posted: Aug 29th 2002, 9:31 am
by Megs
Julia Stiles.

Posted: Aug 30th 2002, 4:46 am
by KrokRos
Megs wrote:Julia Stiles.

I LOVE Julia Stiles :)
I really wanted to be her in "10 things I hate about you".

Posted: Sep 3rd 2002, 10:19 am
by Megs
Heh. That was the reason I chose her to play me. Her character in "10 Things..." was me.


Posted: Sep 3rd 2002, 11:14 am
by KrokRos
Megs - We should get along real fine :D

Posted: Sep 4th 2002, 10:03 am
by Megs
Yeah, that scene where she gets drunk and dances on the table at the party, and then pukes in front of Heath Ledger on the swing? Classic Megs. Too bad I never had a Heath Ledger in high school. :(

Posted: Sep 5th 2002, 3:52 pm
by Nostradamus
OK, I thought about it, and this is the closest I could come: Anthony Edwards with hair.

Scary, huh? :P

Posted: Sep 5th 2002, 4:18 pm
by Natasha (candygirl)
My boyfriend and I are sporadic ER viewers, so sometimes when one of us misses an episode we fill each other in on what has been going on.

BUT we don't call them Dr. So and So.

A typical exchange: "So Julianna Marguiles was mad at Batman again. Goose told Batman he better realize what an ass he's being. Koob shot a rocket launcher off. The guy from Fame yelled at the girl who WASN'T in the Cutting Edge. Then Mulan got mad at the guy from Clockers because he didn't stitch somebody up the right way."


Posted: Sep 5th 2002, 5:10 pm
by Megs
Hey, candygirl - who is the girl that "wasn't in The Cutting Edge" on ER? I love that movie.


Posted: Sep 5th 2002, 7:27 pm
by Natasha (candygirl)
Moira Kelly is the actress who was in the Cutting Edge and With Honors.

Maura Tierney is the actress who was on News Radio and now plays Abby on ER.

Kinda like the Sheryl Lee, Sherilyn Fenn, Lara Flynn Boyle Twin Peaks thing with all the names.


Posted: Sep 5th 2002, 8:54 pm
by Megs
Ahhhh! Got it.