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Are you dead?

Posted: Aug 18th 2000, 8:04 pm
by padawan
Hey people we must get up this chat! it cant be so off...
This is my second trying of doing it, and i wont give up until... one more time ;p. If you are alive, you should answer this!!!

I dont know what exactly is the signature, so i wont write nothing

Re: Are you dead?

Posted: Sep 3rd 2000, 5:42 pm
by ataris
Set up a date and time and I'll be there.

Re: Are you dead?

Posted: Dec 19th 2000, 3:54 pm
by Autumn
Nobody chats anymore??? Well I guess I will keep trying now and then to see if anybody is on....


Re: Are you dead?

Posted: Jan 15th 2002, 2:31 am
by Ksmile_71
Hi. I'm alive. E-mail me