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Supersize Me

Posted: Sep 13th 2004, 6:02 am
by starbug
I saw this film on Saturday. For pre-discussion of this, see this thread. for discussion on obesity, see here

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the film and felt it informative too. I went in expecting an hour-and-a-half diatribe against mcdonalds, but actually, I found it reasonably considered, and had a wider focus on the causes of obesity (cutting classes on health, physical education in schools, advertising aimed at kids etc) than just focussing on the idea that 'McDonalds is evil'. There were some shocking demonstrations of ignorance from the people who were interviewed, and some truly awful film footage of obese people and the lengths they will go to in order to lose weight. I'm not going to go into all of it, in case anyone else wants to see it.

However, I do think that as a 'scientific experiment', the idea of eating mcdonalds all day every day for 30 days is flawed because he altered so many other aspects of his lifestyle. All he shows is what it will do to you if you do that. It is undoubtedly possible to be healthy and have the occasional mcdonalds. What I did find interesting is that even their salads contain something in the region of 51g fat if you have the dressing. bleugh.

Further, in the ultimate irony, my local independent cinema who were showing the film is situation across the road from the UK McDonalds headquarters. :D 8) I should take a photo...

Posted: Nov 9th 2004, 2:26 am
by SanDeE*
I just saw this movie finally this weekend. I never eat fast food anyway (unless I'm absolutely desperate in the middle of Iowa with no other choice), but I still found the film informative and interesting. What really turned me off from eating fast/processed food was reading Fast Food Nation and The Jungle. I mean, sometimes there's no avoiding it, but I try to avoid it as much as I can. Great movie!

Posted: Nov 9th 2004, 6:13 am
by starbug
I read Fast Food Nation a while ago, and found it very interesting. it did have the effect of meaning I never eat fast food unless I absolutely have to. For me, it's the visuals that work though - I can read about how bad it is for you but until I can actually SEE the evil it does, I find some way to get around it in my head.

Posted: Nov 9th 2004, 1:26 pm
by SanDeE*
Yeah I know what you mean, how sometimes the actual image can be a lot more powerful and have more impact than just words on a page/your own imagination. Every time I see one of those Hardees (?) commercials, with the young beauutiful thin female model riding a mechanical bull and eating that gigantic hamburger, I think - If she wants to look like that she wouldn't be eating one of those!. Do men really think that super-thin modelesque women eat stuff like that? And there's a burger king commercial with the pregnant women eating these huge burgers, with the VO talking about how they will be eating mcdonalds after the baby comes, since little kids like mcdonalds, so they better eat the "better" BK burgers while they can! Just makes me sick. If I ever have kids we will not be going to fast food joints. I never really did when I was little --- only on road trips.

On a similar note... when I read the book Pet Semetary by Steven King I thought it was good and chilling, but not really scary. But when I saw the movie I was scared out of my mind! Of course, I was in fifth grade... :lol: