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Posted: Sep 3rd 2004, 10:43 pm
by Nostradamus
Speaking at an awards ceremony, Dolly Parton brought up the Janet Jackson "exposure" incident:
There's not going to be no wardrobe malfunction this evening. There's not supposed to be, it's not planned. But as tight as my clothes are there's no telling what will happen. If it does happen, I'm going to wipe out the first three rows," she said.

Posted: Sep 17th 2004, 6:25 am
by Nostradamus
Dame Edna Everage interrogates Jane Seymour:
Tell me the secret of your successful marriages.

Posted: Sep 20th 2004, 1:41 pm
by wicked
well I'm laughing....need to think of some quotes though.

Posted: Sep 23rd 2004, 6:46 am
by Nostradamus
"I may not be a great actress but I've become the greatest at screen orgasms. Ten seconds of heavy breathing, roll your head from side to side, simulate a slight asthma attack and die a little."

-- Candice Bergen