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Posted: Nov 9th 2003, 2:38 am
by fnordboy
Yeah, I went and saw the Matrix Revolutions early today. The popcorn kicked ass, wish I could say that about the movie. I can't say I was let down by it, I didn't really care all that much for Reloaded (let alone that much for the first Matrix), but it wasn't as entertaining as I would have cared for.

I kept hearing reviews about this movie being too esoteric and spiritual. I don't know if I missed something, but I found nothing like that in this film. Unless you count one of the dialogues of The Oracle.

The writing is still lacking, the fighting scenes were better than Reloaded's IMO, there seemed to be less obvious wire-fu than in the last. Though, there weren't as many (or as exciting) fighting scenes than I was hoping for.

For those who have seen it, here are my spoilerific comments:

[spoiler]Trinity's death scene went on WAAAAAAAY too long IMO, I was practically begging her to die already. I am glad they killed her off since I never really cared for her or her and Neo's relationship

I didn't like the upside down fighting sequence too much, I thought it to be very reminiscent of the first Matrix's lobby scene (maybe that was intentional). Also, the upside down thing seemed to me like a " damn, what haven't we done yet...yeah! let's do that!" moment.

The final fight with Smith was "OK", it had some cool moments and I liked some of the effects but for me it dragged on.

"The Kid". Ugh. I hate that kid...give him a name already damnit! And he has some of the worst lines in the movie.

The sentinals kicked ass in this film though, I loved the massive swarms of them, and they are still the best animated things in the movie series IMO.

Neo's "death" was a little bit predictable, and I am still halfway expecting another sequel (in either film, animated, or video game style) because of the Oracle's last words.[/spoiler]

Oh yeah, Monica Belluci: Still beautiful Image