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The Hours

Posted: Feb 4th 2003, 2:30 am
by jaynedoh
i just saw this movie a few weekends ago- i loved it! did anyone else see it?
i wasn't aware that claire danes had a minor role in it, i guess i should read the forum more often. (she was great, btw).
the movie was very disturbing and depressing, yet life affirming at the same time. ed harris was absolutely amazing!!
i don't think that many people liked it, cause i can't even find it at any local theatres anymore. :(

Posted: Apr 5th 2003, 3:38 am
by crimsonglowgurl
Hey! Yes I saw and loved The Hours as well!! But I thought Claire looked awefully thin, Im a little concerned about her weight...she like disappears in that movie when she turns sideways, and shes in that big bulky sweater too...
i wish she'd put on a few pounds, she looks so much prettier when shes not as bony...In my humble opinion