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ROSWELL anyone???

Posted: Apr 7th 2003, 12:15 am
by ducksqueak
I'm just wondering if there's any ROSWELL fans out there. I know there were a lot when the show first came out. I know we lost some when the show got bumped to UPN. We lost even more when they switched times. I even lost touch with it. (It was my first year of college. Give me a break.) I just wanted to see if there's any sort of following amongst the MSCL fans. You guys fought to get the show on DVD (I only knew about the fight when I bought the set.) and I want to see if any of you have the strength to do it again. This time for ROSWELL!!!! Before any of you naysayers start, I just want to say that ROSWELL was a cut above the average teen drama. It dealt with teenagers with real problems. And there were consequences for people's actions. I think MSCL and ROSWELL are alike in that way. Maybe ROSWELL isn't realistic, but at least the characters are real. Well anyway...I just wanted to see if there are others who felt the same way. I know the first major obstacle is music clearances. I heard it was like $1 million for the first season alone. That's what we get for the best soundtrack and theme song ever. I'm hoping Sci-Fi's interest (Are YOU watching? Every weekday @ 6!!!) will spark some sort of DVD thing or people's interest in the show again. Tell me what you think.

Posted: Apr 7th 2003, 1:27 am
by Natasha (candygirl)

Posted: Jul 24th 2003, 3:25 am
by Natasha (candygirl)
Roswell info from tvshowsondvd:
The first season should be released in early 2004. Please keep in mind this is a tentative time period and may change, but it looks like Fox has worked out the music licensing issues with the show.

Posted: Jul 24th 2003, 9:10 am
by ducksqueak
I have been waiting for ROSWELL. Everyone keep your fingers crossed for me please. They were having problems because the music from the first season alone was like a million dollars and nobody wanted to front the money.

Posted: Oct 8th 2003, 7:01 pm
by Natasha (candygirl)
From tvshowsondvd:
Release timeframe and music... 10/08/2003
Fox has scheduled the season one to be released sometime in Feb, 2004. The date will be confirmed when the set is officially announced, hopefully by the end of October.

We also learned that music in the show has been replaced for the DVDs, which isn't much of a surprise. We have no idea which songs were replaced, or how many, but we know of at least one new song added to the set. While fans may be upset by this, it had to be done. With the music companies blaming lower profits on file trading they have started viewing music licensing for DVDs as another source of income. Since there's no set price for music used on DVDs, this often results in the music companies asking astronomical prices. Studios are faced with the bottom line; can we afford to license all the music used in the show and keep the price of the set reasonable? Unfortunately the amount of music used in Roswell would force Fox to charge hundreds of dollars per set, pricing it out of the range of most fans.

So Fox was faced with replacing the music or not releasing the show at all. I think we can all agree that they're making the right choice by going ahead with the release. At least consumers will be buying the set knowing the music has been changed, which hasn't been the case with some sets from other companies.

Posted: Oct 9th 2003, 7:48 pm
by ducksqueak
I am SO excited about this!!!! Finally....When I get ROSWELL in my hands my life and DVD collection will be complete. Actually, I lied. I still need PARTY OF FIVE. Then, I can die a happy girl.

<------See ROSWELL Avatar

Posted: Oct 16th 2003, 2:50 pm
by Natasha (candygirl)
from tvshowsondvd:
With the anniversary of just a couple of weeks away, what better gift can we give all of you besides this one? Yes, we now have an official announcement from the studio of the #1 most-requested, most-voted-for T.V. Series that all of YOU have asked for: ROSWELL!!

Fox Home Video has announced today their list of specs for the Roswell - Season 1 DVD giftset. No cover art was provided yet, so stay tuned and we'll bring it to you just as soon as we get it.

The street date is February 17, 2004. According to the early info, all 6 DVDs in this set will be presented in 1.33:1, as seen in the U.S. on standard broadcast. Soundtrack is English 2.0 Dolby Surround, and subtitles are provided. The running time is 968 minutes, and this bad boy will go for a list price of $59.98 in the U.S., and CA$89.98 in Canada.

There has been no more mention about the music use on this set, but you can read our story from last week which describes how the music rights issues have affected this release.

Here is the complete content of each disc in the set, both episodes and extras:

* Disc 1
* Episodes: "Pilot", "The Morning After", "Monsters", "Leaving Normal"
* Commentary on "Pilot" by David Nutter and Jason Katims
* Deleted scenes with optional commentary
* Disc 2
* Episodes: "Missing", "285 South" (Part 1), "River Dog" (Part 2), "Blood Brother"
* Commentary on "285 South"
* Commentary on "Blood Brother" with David Nutter and Colin Hanks
* Deleted scenes w/optional commentary
* Disc 3
* Episodes: "Heat Wave", "The Balance", "The Toy House", "Into the Woods"
* Commentary on "Heat Wave"
* Deleted scenes w/optional commentary
* Disc 4
* Episodes: "The Convention", "Blind Date", "Independence Day", "Sexual Healing"
* Commentary on "Independence Day"
* Deleted scenes w/optional commentary
* Disc 5
* Episodes: "Crazy", "Tess, Lies and Videotape", "Four-Square", "Max to the Max"
* Commentary on "Max to the Max"
* Deleted scenes w/optional commentary
* Disc 6
* Episodes: "The White Room" (Part 1), "Destiny" (Part 2)
* Commentary on "Destiny"
* Deleted scenes w/optional commentary
* 3 Featurettes
* Gag Reel
* Actor Audition "Tess, Lies and Videotape"
* Sensefield's "Save Yourself" music video

And if all of this isn't exciting enough, you can reserve your very own copy RIGHT NOW! Roswell - Season 1 is already up for preorder at, who is one of the e-tail partners that help support this site. If you would like to help support TVShowsOnDVD, then please click this link to place your order at DVDEmpire. For those of you who prefer to use one of our other e-tail partners, we'll have links for you just as soon as they have them up for sale. And we thank you for your support; it's been a very exciting and fun two years, and we look forward to bringing you more great TV-on-DVD news for a long time to come!

Posted: Oct 17th 2003, 4:01 pm
by Natasha (candygirl)
You can view the cover art here.

Posted: Feb 17th 2004, 3:13 am
by Natasha (candygirl)
An update from tvshowsondvd:
When we post information about upcoming DVDs we tend to post a disclaimer letting you know that the extras are subject to change. After going through the Roswell: Season 1 set (read the review) we can tell you that disclaimer is in full effect. Normally we might see one or two items added or removed, but the specs for Roswell: Season 1 are quite different from what we first received from Fox.
These were the initial specs:

Full Frame (1.33:1)
English Dolby Surround audio
Disc 1: Commentary on Pilot by David Nutter and Jason Katims; Deleted Scenes with Optional Commentary
Disc 2: Commentary on "285 South", "Blood Brother" with David Nutter and Colin Hanks; Deleted Scenes with Optional Commentary
Disc 3: Commentary on "Heat Wave"; Deleted Scenes with Optional Commentary
Disc 4: Commentary on "Independence Day"; Deleted Scenes with Optional Commentary
Disc 5: Commentary on "Max to the Max"; Deleted Scenes with Optional Commentary
Disc 6: Commentary on "Destiny"; Deleted Scenes with Optional Commentary; 3 Featurettes; Gag Reel; Actor Audition "Tess"; "Save Yourself" Music Video

And these are the final specs:
Anamorphic Widescreen (1.78:1)
English Dolby Digital 5.1
Disc 1: Commentary on Pilot by David Nutter and Jason Katims; Deleted Scene
Disc 2: Commentary on "Blood Brother" by David Nutter
Disc 3: Commentary on "The Balance" by Thania St. John
Disc 4: Commentary on "Sexual Healing" by Shiri Appleby and Majandra Delfino
Disc 5: Commentary on "Crazy"by Shiri Appleby and Majandra Delfino
Disc 6: Commentary on "Destiny" by Jason Katims and Patrick Norris; 2 Featurettes; Actor Audition "Tess"; "Save Yourself" Music Video

The audio and video specs were improved, 4 episode commentaries were changed, most of the deleted scenes were taken out, a featurette was ditched and the gag reel is gone. We wanted to let everyone know about these changes before they pickup the set tomorrow (or before a preorder arrives).

Like they say..."Special Features are Subject to Change."

Posted: Feb 17th 2004, 1:17 pm
by fnordboy
Ok, so my question is: Was this show shown in widescreen? And if not was it shot with widescreen in mind? I am an OAR whore :P and it will piss me off if they made this anamorphic widescreen just because, and not for a real reason.

I am still on the fence of if I want to pick this up. It will be another blind buy for me. Convince me. :)

Posted: Feb 20th 2004, 3:14 pm
by fnordboy
fnordboy wrote:I am still on the fence of if I want to pick this up. It will be another blind buy for me. Convince me. :)
Well no more convincing needed. I was feeling rich and ended up picking this up with Angel S3 yesterday. I watched the pilot episode and it can go either way. I don't hate any of the characters yet, but I can see that I might in the future ;)

Big thumbs up for being in ThinPaks though :D

Posted: Feb 24th 2004, 1:09 pm
by fnordboy
I finished the second disc this morning before I headed out to work. I have to say I am really liking this show, it is much better than I anticipated it would be.

I thought the DVD packing was pretty shoddy though. The covers aren't the best print jobs and the menus are kinda weak (of course nowhere near as crappy as the MSCL ones). The picture quality of the show is good though from what I can tell on my smaller TV, I have only been watching it in the bedroom which has only a 19". I have not convinced my girlfriend to give it a try yet, though she did ask me how it was...but she might have been just being nice ;).

If anyone picked this up from Amazon make sure to check your set, I have heard of a few people who got disc 1 twice (the other was in place of disc 4), so open up all your cases and check.

Posted: Mar 25th 2004, 11:27 am
by fnordboy
Well I finished Roswell S1. I ended up marathoning the last two discs last Saturday. I have to say, I like the show. It is not the best show, I don't know if I would even say it is one of the best shows, but it is a solid show. I got over Jason Behr's freaky ass ears after the second disc I think :lol: and that was one of my main problems.

There are some things I don't like about the show. I don't like the fact that they all had to pair up. It was perfectly fine with just Liz and Max, the Michael/Maria pair up was stretching it a bit but since their dynamic was so different from Liz and Max I was ok with it. My problem comes mainly with the Isabel/Alex hook-up. Never in a million years would that happen, even though he is the only single boy on earth that knows she is an alien. I don't buy it.

And can I say how much I hate Tess? Worst. Character. Ever. Can't stand the actress, and I can't stand the character. She was unnecessary IMO. I am hoping she disappears in teh second season...but I fear she won't.

Anyway, I am anxiously awaiting S2.

Re: Roswell

Posted: May 1st 2021, 3:41 am
by Kbranagh
Just saw the Winnie Holzman cameo in the 2x05 :o my heart, what a shock :mrgreen: :lol: