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new shows and "roswell"

Posted: Oct 7th 1999, 7:22 pm
by Guest
Hi everyone! I just wanted to comment on all the new shows out there, and it's easier to write a new post then reply to five different threads. :)

First off, I don't know if any of you caught the new show "Roswell" last night on the WB, but if you didn't - give it a chance! I think it's the best new show this season, very X-Files meets My So-Called Life (which is what they're billing it as!) :). Jason Katims (MSCL) and someone who used to work on the X-Files are creating it, so it's no coincidence. Not a serious show, but definitely a fun one without being boring or dumb. The one thing I noticed right off the bat was the use of symbolism to back up the plot lines. Like when two characters are discussing being together, there just -happens- to be a big firework going off in the background of the shot. And when they acknowledge that they could never be together because of their differences, it goes out. Not to mention that the Dave Matthews song "Crash Into Me" is playing during this (get it? "Crash Into Me"? hehe). Not to mention that the lead girl character does -lots- of voice overs ala MSCL style. Of all the shows that have followed in MSCL's footsteps, this one definitely comes the closest. I'm really excited at the potential of it. Check your local listings if you missed it, because my WB station is replaying the premiere around noon on Saturday! :)

As for other shows on now: I loved the first season of Felicity. The recent season premiere fell flat at my feet, but the second episode was HIGHLY redeeming...I'm still keeping up with it. I don't really see anything MSCL in Felicity, which is good because then they aren't comparable - because MSCL would always win! :)

I'm not much of a Dawson's fan. The first season was good with all the plot twists, but now they seem to just be going for drama and it hurts to watch it. I did catch the episode last night (first in a long time) and I barely recognized it as being the same show.

I like "Freaks and Geeks". It's nothing intellectual, but it's a good thing to watch if you have the time. Like BeeJay(?), I can't figure out their target audience either. It's more of a serious show, but when funny it nails it.

I wasn't at all impressed with "Popular" or "Get Real". So the shows I'd recommend this season? Roswell, Felicity, and Freaks and Geeks. If you guys catch Roswell, I'd love some feedback on what you think of it.
-soma :)

Re: new shows and "roswell"

Posted: Oct 7th 1999, 9:55 pm
by oldguy
Thanks for the tip on "Roswell". In case you didn't see my other postings,
I think "once and Again" is an outstanding new show (from MSCL producers
Zwick and Herskovic).

Re: new shows and "roswell"

Posted: Oct 7th 1999, 11:17 pm
by worldsapart
I was very impressed by "Roswell" as well. I think it has the potential to be an excellent show-- I hope it continues the way it started.

As for Dawson's Creek...I was really into it the last two seasons, but from what I've seen this season, I wouldn't be surprised if I stop watching it a few episodes from now.

I really like Felicity (though I missed the second episode this season- arg), but I didn't like the way the previews were leading. I'm too much of a sucker for happy endings I guess. MSCL is one of the few shows that I like despite it's absence of perfect happy endings.

My personal current favorite is Buffy the Vampire Slayer...I think it's due to the sci-fi addiction that I got from my mom. But it's definitely not possible to compare it to MSCL so we'll just breeze past that subject.

I saw a little of Freaks and Geeks and wasn't too impressed by it. Then again, I didn't watch enough to get more than an initial impression.

Just a little of my input. =)


Re: new shows and "roswell"

Posted: Oct 8th 1999, 12:17 am
by soma
thanks, i'll check it out!
-soma (who got ahold of her password again)

Re: new shows and "roswell"

Posted: Oct 9th 1999, 5:32 pm
by emmie
I have to admit that I was surprised by Roswell. I thought it was just going to be another teen show with pretty people. the concept is a little different from what else is on lately. plus I like the lead girl character which is very important to a series. why watch if you don't like the lead?

I have to agree with worldsapart, I think it was you, about Dawson's. I've been a fan for the first 2 seasons, but I just don't recognize this season either. the characters aren't acting like themselves. Joey suddenly is forgiving?? since when?

I can't comment on the other new shows because the previews weren't even interesting enough to draw me in. plus I watch too many shows as it is!!


Re: new shows and "roswell"

Posted: Oct 14th 1999, 1:37 pm
by oldguy
Hey, I saw my first episode of "Roswell", and I agree --- It's pretty cool.
I like the ending especially --- very philosophical (kind-of-like MSCL used
to do) --- I liked it!

What are Lifer's watching these days?

Posted: Jun 29th 2001, 12:53 am
by K-man
What shows are all of you watching these days? What (if any) of the current shows out there are good? I like Jack and Jill on the WB. Your thoughts? Please respond.

Re: What are Lifer's watching these days?

Posted: Jun 29th 2001, 4:21 am
by Shred
I've been watching Buffy and Angel on Sky 1 and recently got Clerks the cartoon on DVD so I have been watching that a lot.
Oh and God, The Devil & Bob on BBC2.

the Shred Man cometh...

Re: What are Lifer's watching these days?

Posted: Jul 1st 2001, 7:31 am
by Dengar
been watching News Radio, the old ones with Phil Hartman, Law & Order (theres one episode with Clair Danes),thats about it. tv is somwhat of a joke these days with "reality shows". realy comeon, if thats reality than im in somkind of dreamland. stick to movies, the new kubrick collection is amazing.

Re: What are Lifer's watching these days?

Posted: Jul 1st 2001, 10:49 pm
by Guest
There a lot of crap on tv these days! i think the only shows worth watching at the moment are Buffy and Angel, certain episodes are better than a lot of movies. its hard to find anything as intelligent and insightful as MSCL.


Re: What are Lifer's watching these days?

Posted: Jul 2nd 2001, 6:53 am
by ataris
Can someone explain Buffy to me? Cause I've watched it maybe once for a couple of minutes and it seemed like the average show. So many of you watch it who also like MSCL so I know there must be much more to it that I don't know about it. If you could let me know why you (as in everyone who likes Buffy) like the show maybe I would understand. Thanks.

Re: What are Lifer's watching these days?

Posted: Jul 2nd 2001, 8:54 pm
by K-man
Maybe I am a dork for responding to my own question, but I guess I am repsonding to other's responses. (Am I making sense?) I guess Angel and Buffy are real popular with the lifer's. Personally I don't get Buffy either. I know I am in the minority here but I try to watch it...I just can't. I'm not a big fan of S.M. Gellar, but I don't find anything else about the show appealing either. I am really watching Angel though. I like that show. Lots. That green guy with the horns coming out of his head is the best. I also like Ed, and lately I really find Boston Public to be great. I don't know why but I think Boston Public is the closest thing to MSCL on the air right now. Granted; most topics are told from the faculty's viewpoint not the students, but the story lines are good. Maybe I am just reaching for something to hit me in a way that MSCL did. You might give it a try and see what you think. Also, Has anyone been to and read the comments about MSCL? Most people feel MSCL NEVER jumped the shark. It is one of the very few shows that has such a rating. There are lots of great comments on the show there too. Thanks for responding. Keep "Life" alive!!!!!


Re: What are Lifer's watching these days?

Posted: Jul 3rd 2001, 3:16 am
by socalledfan
Hi there. I've been watching the WB show Felicity religiously. It is a rather excellent show. The writing is insightful and sharp, the characters are beautiful but wonderfully flawed, the show is alternately hysterically funny and deeply emotional. At times, this show reminds me of MSCL, as the main character is very introspective. If you haven't seen Felicity, you should give it a shot. It gives me the chills, maybe it will do the same for you.

MSCL is my all-time favorite show, now I can say that Felicity is my second fave.

"You're so beautiful, it hurts to look at you."

Re: What are Lifer's watching these days?

Posted: Jul 6th 2001, 1:25 am
by dTheater
TV is really bad these days. The only show I watch religiously is Whose Line Is It Anyway? and ER when it's a new episode, even though it's nowhere near what it used to be. Also, I've been enjoying Comedy Central re-runs of Sports Night and PBS re-runs of the best show ever created (yes, even better than MSCL), a Canadian satire called The Newsroom. Also on PBS, I've been watching American High lately. I have a huge crush/huge psychotic obsession with Kaytee, the girl who plays guitar. Other than her, it's only semi-interesting.

And for the record, I don't watch Buffy, Felicity, Dawson's Creek, or any of those. And someone mentioned Boston Public...I don't mean to offend anyone, but I personally hate that show with a passion and believe it to be ther worst TV show in the last 5 years. And yes, I have seen 2 full episodes and not just a few minutes. I really dislike any show that tries to be realistic but fails completely, and this show is the perfect example. Why, when I was in high school, it was par for the course for a teacher to sleep with a student and a student to murder another the same day.

Had to get that off my chest.

"Close your eyes, you can find all you need in your mind if you Take the Time" - Dream Theater

Re: What are Lifer's watching these days?

Posted: Nov 21st 2001, 1:24 pm
by Guest
I've been watching reruns of Freaks and Geeks. It's a shame that show was cancelled.