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Cape Wrath

Posted: Jul 28th 2007, 4:46 pm
Anyone? anybody british? IS ANYBODY OUT THERE?

(contains certain spoilers of the plot.)

so this thing has come onto the tv over here in the UK called 'cape wrath' and is called something like 'meadowlands' in USA and apparently they got it before us or whatever; anyway, i like it, i'm 3 episodes in and it's completely different than any other usual Neighbours or East enders crap that australia or england usually comes up with for sitcoms. I guess i'm liking this all the more because Lost, desperate housewives, heroes, etc & all my other usually watched weekly series have ended for a while, until like 2008! and now this is all i have left.

Anyone seen it? and what do you think of it? for one though, the dentist or whatever is a right pervert; although i do believe that her kids aren't her husbands.