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The Dead Zone...

Posted: Dec 9th 2003, 2:28 pm
by MartinPierre
As ANYONE watched episodes of The Dead Zone ?

It is a GREAT show !

It has just finished showing ( thougth not in Canada ) Season 2, and Season is about to begin filming.

Season 1 is already in DVD ( and only has 13 episodes ) but I hope Season 2 will be out soon.

Check out the official site which contains a LOT of information on the show, including previews, synopses and even full scripts !!!

BTW I am currently working on my own fan site :

Here is a description of the show from my site :
John Smith was a teacher in love with his fiancée who was his high school sweatheart Sarah. He was liked by all, happy and lead a very uncomplicated life other than possibly the new relationship between his wealthy mother and reverend Gene Purdy, the local television preacher which Atheist John didn't trust.

But his life completly changed one evening when he barely survived a major car accident that left him 6 years in a coma.

6 years during which his life continued without him. Sarah, who was unknowingly pregnant with him at the time married Walt Bannerman, now Sheriff of the town. His mother, when she died, left Gene Purdy as his legal guardian.

But the major change in his life is his "dead zone", which gives him paranormal or psychic abilities.

With a single touch, Johnny can now view the past or the future in realistic 3d vision, which in addition to carrying sight, touch, sound and smell, is also sometimes capable of carrying emotions of people in the vision.

Far from being used for solely dramatic purposes, Johnny's visions seem to have a reason, a motive. Slowly revealing their information to Johnny, in each episode of the series Johnny receives clues to solve a mystery or accomplish a quest he must resolve with the help of his friends.
In the USA it is shown on the USA Network.

In Canada, it is shown on the Space Channel.

Posted: Dec 10th 2003, 4:30 pm
by pistolpeg
I also really enjoy this show. I think I had started a thread for it already, but there weren't too many fans. I bought the season 1 dvd set without ever seeing the show and was not disappointed. I think the show has kept getting better as it goes along. My sister taped the season 2 shows for me. Did you see the episode where Jonny was kidnapped and taken to that house where the brutal murder took place? I believe they played it around Halloween. Great episode, I was right on the edge of my seat. Do you know if they are doing a full season this time?

Posted: Dec 10th 2003, 4:47 pm
by MartinPierre
I started watching season 1 on episode 12 : Shaman, and thought the show was cool...

Only to discover it was one of the two episodes I like the LEAST !!!

I did saw the one where Johnny is kidnapped... Did you see the one where Walt is in a Coma ??? It was AWESOME !!!

Season 2 has 19 episodes, all already aired in at least PART of the world :

In the UK and the US, all of Season has already been shown from what I understand, but in the US it was weird ! the last part of Season 2 would fall in the "dead zone" of Television : After the end of College in April and the summer the rating drops and they didn't want the show to finish with low ratings.

As such, they splitted it in 2 sections ( Season 2 of 13 episodes and Season 2.5 of 6 episodes they only showed in the summer) so that all the shows would have a good fighting chance.

In Canada, we will soon get to see the end of Season 2 ( which was NOT splitted in half ).

Posted: Dec 10th 2003, 5:42 pm
by pistolpeg
I did see the episode where Walt was in the coma and you are right, it was awesome!!

I wasn't sure how that whole split season thing worked out. I don't think I've seen all the season 2 episodes. I think the network USA re-aired the first part of season 2 but not in the correct order so it got a bit confusing. I just saw the episode that Ally Sheedy guest starts on and I thought that one was pretty great as well. I don't want to say much about it in case you haven't seen it yet.

Glad to see another enthusiastic fan!

Posted: Dec 10th 2003, 6:46 pm
by fnordboy
I am going to lock this thread since it is a duplicate. Please continue posting in this thread. :)

MartinPierre, please repost your link and info in the new thread, since this one will most likely disappear soon. Good luck with the site BTW :)