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New or Old shows this season

Posted: Sep 18th 2001, 11:23 am
by adam
Hey i was just wondering what shows New/Old are you going to be watching this season. I plan on watching Buffy, Dark Angel, Dawson's Creek, and Dead Last when i remember to watch it. the only other shows that look good and i might watch are Undeclared, and Smallville. thats it, all the rest look like poop. on a side note dawson's creek doesn't seem like it will do all that great and could die :( and buffy is dead but is supose to come back which might kill the show and for dark angel it's jessica alba need i say more :O smallvill looks cool because its SUPERMAN! and undeclared lookes good i don't know why but it does. thats what i plan to watch when i'm not working or doing something else.

Re: New or Old shows this...

Posted: Sep 18th 2001, 12:10 pm
by SodaJerk
I saw an ad for that 'undeclared' show, and to me it looks like the ads I've seen for those 'American Pie' movies... As a TV show. I might be wrong.
Hey, I think Rufus Wainwright's dad's in that show. Hmmm...


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Re: New or Old shows this...

Posted: Sep 18th 2001, 6:09 pm
by adam
Oh and i forgot sex and the city and six feet under.

Re: New or Old shows this...

Posted: Sep 22nd 2001, 8:54 pm
by K-man
Good question. You might want to check out my post on 7/6/01 titled "What are Lifer's watching these days.". There I listed what I like. I am reluctant to reply to your post though as the last time I mentioned my current favorites I was attacked like a tuna in a pirhana tank. People got really angry it seems when I mentioned that I liked certain shows. I would just say that if you like Dark Angel, you may consider checking out Witchblade on TNT or TNN. (I forget witch channel it is on). ((Please excuse that bad pun. It is late and I am tired.)) I don't have cable anymore or I would watch Witchblade every week. Like you, I can't wait for the Fall lineup to get going. -peace


Re: New or Old shows this...

Posted: Sep 26th 2001, 2:24 pm
by Brandon
buffy, roswell and enterprise for me :)