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Will & Grace Season 1 DVD set

Posted: Aug 14th 2003, 2:31 am
by fnordboy
Yay! Finally released in R1. I picked this up at Best Buy today for the low price of 34.99 (atleast thats what the sticker says, I am sure it was cheaper).

The slipcase and packaging are nice, but maybe too clean or something for W&G. Would have expected something different <shrug> nice nonetheless and it goes along with the opening sequence I guess. I haven't watched any of the episodes yet so I can't rate the vid quality, will do tomorrow most likely.

Just wanted to let it be known it is out there.

Posted: Aug 14th 2003, 3:15 am
by Natasha (candygirl)
tvshowsondvd has a nice review of the set (including audio and video quality) here


Posted: Aug 28th 2003, 3:57 am
by FuzzyFreaky
I got the boxed set for my birthday and I can't stop watching it! The audio and video quality are great... The only thing that I found that's wrong with it is that some of the captions are wrong.. but other than that it's great.