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Sex and the City

Posted: Jul 6th 2003, 11:02 pm
by jaynedoh
I'm just curious as to what others think about Sex and the City. I really liked the show the first season, it was different and fresh. The rest of the seasons, however, just seem to re-hash some of the same tired themes. The weird thing is, even though I claim to dislike the show, I keep coming back for more. :roll:

Posted: Jul 10th 2003, 1:46 pm
by Natasha (candygirl)
I have only seen the first season so far, but it's funny enough that I have season 2 on my netflix list - I just have a LOT of movies abovie it so it might be a while before I get around to S2-4.


Thought you might be interested in this bit of casting news for next season:

[spoiler]THE CASTING COUP IS OUT THERE: Sex and the City has found just the guy to investigate the show's sextraterrestrials: David Duchovny. According to a report in today's New York Daily News, the former X-Files G-man has signed on for a guest stint on the HBO comedy. Might Duchovny be playing the much-buzzed-about new love interest for Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker)? Although exec producer Michael Patrick King recently confirmed to TV Guide Online that the pivotal role had in fact been cast, he declined to ID the actor. "But it's a big name," he said, adding that Jack Berger's successor will pose stiff competition for Mr. Big (Chris Noth) as the series heads towards its climax in early 2004. "Why would we bring in a major name if [Big] was already [the clear winner]?" I've got a better question: Considering Aidan and Steve are partners in a bar, how come Carrie didn't already know that her ex-love had become a daddy?

It's already been confirmed that Blair Underwood would be on the show but no who's love interest he'd be...[/spoiler]

Posted: Jul 10th 2003, 1:49 pm
by Megs
[spoiler]Crap. I love Berger. He is played by the actor from Office Space and Band of Brothers. I think him and Carrie are good together (although Aiden was the best - Carrie is a moron). That stinks. So Berger will be out of the picture soon?[/spoiler]

Posted: Jul 10th 2003, 2:40 pm
by Natasha (candygirl)
I have no idea who any of those people are (besides Carrie and Big) - sorry if I just ruined it for you. I edited my post so that the info is in spoiler tags now.


Posted: Jul 10th 2003, 3:38 pm
by Megs
Hey, no problem! I don't care about going spolier-free for SATC. But thanks for the spoiler tags! I will edit mine to do the same.

I am just terribly sad that [spoiler]Berger won't be the one that ends up with Carrie. I love his character.[/spoiler]


Posted: Aug 28th 2003, 8:26 am
by IMJustAGirl
This show is the only show besides mscl .. That just hearing the music makes me wanna watch.. It dosen't matter if I have seen it 1000 times ( which is almost always the case).. But I watch anyway...

Posted: Oct 19th 2003, 7:33 am
by Hunee
I could tell you what happens inside and out on all six season if you wanna know!! :D I love love love the show it is my favorite show scince my teen dramas have said goodbye in the 90's... :roll: sex and the city is a very refreshing show and its not all about drama!!! it is just a light hearted funny show you can enjoy and get lost in for a half hour!!!

Posted: Jan 27th 2004, 4:14 am
by Natasha (candygirl)
News from tvshowsondvd:
After Sarah Jessica Parker 's Golden Globe win last night for "Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series - Musical or Comedy," what else could a Sex and the City fan want? How about another DVD release!

Instead of waiting for the completion of the 6th and final season (the final episode has been in the process of being shot, including location shooting in Paris, France), HBO has decided to bring out the 12 episodes from that season which aired in 2003. These will be released on Sex and the City - Season 6, Part 1 this spring. The remaining eight episodes will follow later on a "Part 2" collection.

The episodes on Season 6, Part 1 are: 1. To Market, To Market 2. Great Sexpectations 3. The Perfect Present 4. Pick-A-Little, Talk-A-Little 5. Lights, Camera, Relationship 6. Hop, Skip and a Week 7. The Post-It Always Sticks Twice 8. The Catch 9. A Woman's Right to Shoes 10. Boy, Interrupted 11. The Domino Effect 12. One

The 3-DVD release will also contain Audio Commentary with Executive Producer Michael Patrick King , and footage of a Museum of TV and Radio Seminar featuring Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon and Michael Patrick King.

You'll get a 4:3 transfer for the video, and several sound options: English 5.1 Dolby Surround, English 2.0 Stereo, or Spanish 2.0 Stereo. You'll also have your pick of subtitles in English, Spanish, or French.

The SRP on this is $49.99, and the set will be available on May 18th. Congratulations to Ms. Parker on her win last night!

Posted: Jan 27th 2004, 4:35 pm
by Natasha (candygirl)
You can view the cover art here.

Posted: Apr 6th 2004, 9:56 pm
by Natasha (candygirl)
You can view the revised cover art here.

Posted: Apr 7th 2004, 10:44 am
by YvBaBy
I've watched only some episodes of the first season yet...because it airs same time as ally mcbeal and I'm a huge ally I prefer that

Posted: Aug 23rd 2004, 3:36 pm
by Jody Barsch*
Okay, so I've kind of always scoffed at the people who have said that MSCL, or any TV show changed their life, but as I was reading people's comments on PCs vs Macs, I was reminded of a Sex and the City episode, and how it indirectly changed, or affected, my life... In the episode "My Motherboard, My Self" Carrie's Mac crashes and she gets the Sad Mac. She tlaks to Miranda about how now everyone is asking her if she backed things up, but that they had never before used this term with her, but how apparently, everyone was secretly running home at night to back things up. I have never been one to back things up; this episode freaked me out!! When I was writing my masters, I backed EVERYTHING up like five times, like every three minutes. I had two floppies, three zips, it was emailed to myself, printed out, emailied to my facilitator, I had a copy at school, I had a copy at my boyfriend's, emailed to my parents. Literally, I was a backing up fool! And thank God because the week before my deadline my computer did crash and I had to completely rebulid my hard drive. (I'm sure I would have backed up my masters regardless of Carrie Bradshaw's fictional crash, but that episode was like running through my brain the entire time, and definitley turned me into a zip drive nut!)

Posted: Aug 24th 2004, 11:58 pm
by Natasha (candygirl)
I was never a backer-upper (despite my OCD and paranoia). My friend was taking some computer class his last year in college and despite having a backup copy, he had a huge disaster. The first disc was eaten by a computer - in the computer lab, no less. They insisted on trying to access the information on his backup disc on the same computer, which, of course, ate his second disc as well. There was a long, awful story that followed and he ended up getting a lower grade in the class because he had to redo his entire project on a much shorter schedule. Did this turn me into a backer upper? Nope.

Fast forward to me having a 20 page paper due. As usual, I waited until the day before to write it. I am a procrastinator by nature, and I work better under pressure. I was actually very proud of myself because I started working on this paper at a decent hour (rather than waiting until 9pm the night before it was due). I normally wrote my papers at my house, and my computer had an autosave feature (which, in retrospect, is probably why I never worried too much about saving). For some reason, I wrote this paper at my boyfriend's house. I was all done except for the conclusion. He told me dinner was ready, so I went downstairs to eat and when I came back, the computer went all wonky and my paper was gone with not a single word autosaved. I was so flabbergasted. I ended up having to write the entire thing over again. After that, I saved everything on two different discs about every five minutes. Now I save on the hard drive, save to disc, and email the files to myself (often at two different email addresses). You know - just in case.

Posted: Aug 25th 2004, 12:39 am
by Jody Barsch*
candygirl wrote: a 20 page paper due. As usual, I waited until the day before to write it. I am a procrastinator by nature, and I work better under pressure.
Totally! If it wan't 10:00 the night before it was do, I was not eriting that paper. I don't know if I go actually work better under pressure (since it's the only way I have worked), but it sounds better to say I do.
candygirl wrote: wonky ... flabbergasted
That's quite some vernacular tonight :mrgreen:
candygirl wrote:my computer had an autosave feature ... After that, I saved everything on two different discs about every five minutes.

My computer doesn't autosave, but I automatically hit control-save every few words I type, even when typing things like emails or forum posts.

Posted: Aug 25th 2004, 12:47 am
by Natasha (candygirl)
Jody Barsch* wrote:I don't know if I go actually work better under pressure (since it's the only way I have worked), but it sounds better to say I do.
I know that when I attempted to start my papers any sooner, I would end up wasting two hours changing the settings on my computer, organizing my notes, getting my quotes ready to go, all kinds of procrastinating that would result in having, at most, a whole page after a night in front of the computer. After I did that a few times, I figured the hell with it - my night before method was working just fine, and if it ain't broken, don't fix it!