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Posted: Feb 22nd 2005, 11:08 pm
by lance
fnordboy wrote:
candygirl wrote:I bought S5 on DVD on Tuesday, and like many other fans, it saddened me to know that I was buying the last piece of the Jossverse television universe. The featurettes are pretty good, but they just made me realize how much I miss the show. *sigh*
Yeah I picked it up on Tuesday as well... of course my first one had a broken hub and two floaters... sigh.

It is sad, but thankfully I am only just starting on S4 so I still have a while to go until it is over. I am going to miss these shows, there are no other series available that suck you into the show as much as Angel, Firefly and Buffy did/do.
Got mine via Amazon. Fortunately for me I haven't started watching Season 3 yet on DVD. Still going through Miami Vice and Tru Calling.

I do hope we will eventually see more of the Whedon universe. So many good episodes and characters. I will miss them, but hey having them all on DVD does help a bit with the mourning process.


Sign of the times...

Posted: Feb 27th 2005, 4:41 pm
by lance
Don't know if you caught this recent bit of news about the FCC and Angel:


Re: Angel

Posted: Nov 19th 2011, 6:33 pm
by BuffaloLawnmower
Ok, I have found this thread plus the BSG thread, the Twilight Zone thread, the Monk thread, the Tru Calling thread, the Dead Like Me thread, AND the Twin Peaks thread today, all in one evening. Again, I've died and am in fangirl heaven. :angel:

I really love this show, except for Connor and the whole thing with evil Cordelia and Jasmine, especially Connor. Damn he gets on my nerves! Darla annoys me too. I love Spike, Fred, Wesley, Lorne, and Faith, in her guest appearances. Gunn is cool too. I can take or leave Angel; I think that the other roles are better-acted and the other characters are more interesting.

Lorne is by far my favorite character; he is one of my all-time favorite fictional characters. I really enjoy Andy Hallett's singing talents too.

(Speaking of Andy Hallett, this clip of him at Slayerfest is HILARIOUS. It is very long, but well worth it:

So sad that he passed away, but so glad that he got to play Lorne and that he shared his talents with us!