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Posted: May 7th 2003, 2:37 pm
by Megs
candygirl wrote:Until you get the Megs recap, there is one here - don't take offense at their snark!
Yeah, I was going to suggest TWoP, too. But their full recap doesn't go live for a few days.

Posted: May 7th 2003, 4:09 pm
by Natasha (candygirl)
Yeah, the link was just for the recaplet - I figured a short summary is better than nothing for the time being!


Posted: May 7th 2003, 4:33 pm
by Megs
candygirl wrote:Yeah, the link was just for the recaplet - I figured a short summary is better than nothing for the time being!

It doesn't tell much, though. Just a lot of snarkiness. :wink:

Posted: May 7th 2003, 6:10 pm
by Natasha (candygirl)
I haven't watched GG for so long that I didn't even try to read the recaplet and understand who is doing what. I'm totally out of the loop!


Posted: May 9th 2003, 11:13 am
by Megs
Sammi - Here's the full recap from TWoP: ... mit=&sort=

I hope your finals went well!

Posted: May 11th 2003, 12:50 pm
by Sammi
Thanks for the link and I thankfully survived finals week! :)

Posted: May 12th 2003, 9:31 am
by Megs
Sammi wrote:Thanks for the link and I thankfully survived finals week! :)
What did you think of the show? I was very disappointed. It was amazing, though, how much Rob Estes sounded like Milo/Jess! That cracked me up. He delivered his lines and dressed exactly like Jess. Nice touch.

The rest of the episode? Eh. Not so good. I do love that Dave is taking Lane to the Senior Prom. That scene with him talking to Mrs. Kim in the suit was adorable.

Sookie and Lorelai bargaining at the funeral? That entire storyline made e cringe. I am really starting to not like Lorelai.

Posted: May 12th 2003, 11:14 am
by Sascha
This was one of the worst (if not *the* worst) GG episodes ever. I fully agree with Pamie's recap at, the writing was bad, bad, bad. The way Dean got written out of the show was plain horror. Not to mention the totally-out-of-character performances of Sookie and Lorelai at the funeral. The only nice thing about this episode was the whole Dave & Lane story.

The two or three episodes before that weren't great either IMHO. If this continues in Season 4 I won't be watching the show any longer. I don't have high hopes for the spin-off either, Rob "Neverwood" Estes' performance was not very convincing - and I just can't imagine a show with Jess as main character to work. My only hope for the spin off is Sherylin Fenn ("Rude Awakening"), who'll play Rob Estes girlfriend. But even former "Buffy" writer Jane Espenson can't save this show (Prove me wrong! :-)). The spin-off even doesn't have a name yet - tomorrow is the official announcement by theWB.

Posted: May 12th 2003, 12:21 pm
by Sammi
I'm kind of glad that I only had to read a recap of this episode, it seems like the only part that was good was the Lane and David portion. That Lorelai and Sookie story line does seem awfull even if I had watched I probably would have turned the TV off. Oh well hopefully next week will be better.
Spoiler, kind of..............................

I've heard rumors that Luke realizes his feelings for Lorelai and calls of a trip with his lawyer girlfriend by the end of the season. Sounds like season 4 may be the season those to get together or it could quite possibly be the season 3 finale cliffhanger.

Posted: May 13th 2003, 2:16 am
by KrokRos
Well, I thought this episode was one of the better. I have been very disappointed with the episodes after Dean and Rorys breakup. But the two last ones was full of stuff. I agree about the funeral-thing, though. And I have been bugged by Lorelai a lot this season. Hopefully it's gonna get better.
I am pretty sure Paris will be at the same collage as Rory. I've heard nothing about her leaving the show. But the guys will be missed. I really hope they surprice me with a lot of new stuff going on next season. Otherwise I'll just have to stick to the 2 first seasons and try to think they are the only ones.

This episode though:
Jess' father was kinda cool because he was so much like Jess. Rory was great acting out in the car about the relationship. When she went to talk to Jess at the Diner, that was very funny. Dave was great. The Party-cleaner-guys was funny. The Lorelai-reaction of the party was funny.
Even though Dean's announcement was a bit awkward Rory had a bad reaction to it and he had the right to get mad at her. But I don't like it they way they end up.

Anyone know anything about Season 4?

Posted: May 13th 2003, 12:34 pm
by Megs
KrokRos - check here for spoilers on next season: ... date&g=0#n

There aren't alot.

Posted: May 21st 2003, 11:05 am
by mglenn
Ok last episode... who else freaked out before they realized Luke was dreaming?

Posted: May 21st 2003, 11:57 am
by Megs
I haven't seen it yet. :shock:

Was it good? This season has been up and down, and I hope they end it on a good note!

Posted: May 21st 2003, 1:28 pm
by Sascha
Megs wrote:I haven't seen it yet. :shock:

Was it good? This season has been up and down, and I hope they end it on a good note!
The finale was pretty good, very funny too. One of the best episodes this season. But I missed Christopher, Max and Alex. A lot of Good-bye's were said - lots of characters won't come back next season.

That part with Luke's dream was probably shot just for the WB trailers to annoy everyone... but I have to admit, I freaked out too :)

Best scene: Emily Gilmore realising that Friday Night Dinners are back. Hilarious.

Not-so-good: The whole Rory&Jess-storyline being dismissed in only 2 minutes. I'm glad, that Jess is finally out of the show, but ending this with him not saying a single word (btw, was he mentioned in the credits?) with a quick phone call was a little bit too quick for my taste. But still, a great episode ("Don't cry!" :-) )

Now let's wait and see if Season 4 turns into a comedy version of "felicity" or if they get finally some "longterm" structure into the show.

Posted: May 26th 2003, 11:13 am
by KrokRos
Megs - I'm through reading spoilers ;) At least I'm gonna try to leave it alone for the summer.

I thought it was weird how she came into Luke's so fast in that scene and all but I was soooo disappointed when it was a dream. I think very little happened in this finale. The earlier ones was much more exciting.

Btw, the episode I'm talking about in the previous post is of course "Say goodnight Grace". (Am I right? Maybe I'm lost here :P)

If I wont read any more spoilers that leaves season 4 to be very much fulfilled with new stuff for me. I have no idea. So many strings have been cut lose. All boys and she's starting Yale, whole new school and a whole new bunch of people. Oh, well.