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Posted: Oct 12th 2004, 5:37 pm
by Megs
Yeah, but overall I agree with Pamie's assessment from TWoP:
I know, I know, this is the scene that made many of you squee and I'm ruining it by getting sour right before the good line. But I just want to explain why this episode gets a B, and it's not just because the side storylines in this episode are lame (Rory's new slew of potential boyfriends, Emily and Richard bickering, Paris doesn't weep for the death of the love of her life), but because we waited five years for this part of the story. Five years of wondering how it would be, and for the most part, it's exactly as it was before they started dating. There's no anxiousness of trying to see each other but not being able to. They tried that with a cell phone, but it still wasn't any different than if Lorelai was waiting for a new pot of coffee to brew. They aren't keeping it a secret, really, so there's nothing to cover up, like she had with Digger. Nobody wants to keep them apart, and even Rory's all for it. So they could completely just date, which should be the reason that they either have a hard time with it, or won't get out of bed because that's what really happens when you start dating someone you've been lusting after for years. Lorelai and Luke should be totally holed up in the honeymoon suite at the Dragonfly, and the inn's going to s**t because Lorelai won't put her clothes on for five minutes. It's destroying her relationship with Sookie, who is now suddenly having to take orders from Michel, because he's taken over with Lorelai on her back. Rory misses her mom, which makes her resent Luke, which makes her sabotage the diner with Lane. They plot to get Kirk to keep Lorelai and Luke from seeing each other. Lorelai and Luke even can have a little pregnancy scare. Or their first real fight. Or Emily wants to meet Luke and have an awkward lunch where they have to sit equidistant from the house and the poolhouse. Something. Something. Make something happen. But reading menus and telling long stories about a horoscope that Lorelai gave you eight years ago that said she'll be coming by for coffee for the next forever? We're used to that. We've seen that. s**t, there were hotter scenes between Jess and Rory when they were fighting in a sprinkler system, in the worst episode of this show's history. So I'm disappointed with this coupling because we've waited so long for it and they just handed it to us. Blah. Like they vomited it on the table because we asked for it. "Here. Here's your Luke and Lorelai. What do you call yourselves on that other forum? The one with all the banned posters? 'Java Junkies'? Here you go. Squee on that, bitches." It just feels so obligatory, that's all. This show can be so romantic, and it's just not happening here, with the one heterosexual relationship that has actually had development over the seasons. I suppose I should go back to recapping. I'll get down off this box now, but while I'm up here, does anybody need some soap?

Luke gets serious with Lorelai and lets her know that in "this thing [they're] doing," he's all in: "I am all in." This show's catering to that elusive young male demographic by using their vocabulary. all-in: When a player bets all his or her chips. This means Luke's banking everything on this hand, this lady, this heartbreaker in Jimmy Choos. If there was a sound to go with what Lorelai does upon hearing this revelation, it goes something like this: "Uh-GULP!" Luke asks Lorelai if this scares her. Lorelai takes a second to force her face into a smile (someone play some music in this place!), and remembers the old adage, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." She smiles hard enough that the strummy-strummy-la-la starts up...

...and concludes in Luke's bed. Clothes are strewn about, including a flannel, which makes me wonder if Luke changed into a flannel after their date and took it off as they went to bed. And the bottle of champagne is now at their bedside, which is also rather strange. Who drank the bottle, if Luke doesn't like it? Lorelai rests on Luke's chest, and tells him she can't believe he kept that horoscope. Luke says she's lucky he never cleans out his wallet. Lorelai says he can't take it back now: "You've exposed yourself. You've been pining for me." Because this is apparently news to her. Whatever, Lorelai. Luke asks to get something out of the way right now. Man, he's serious. Next you'll be meeting his mother. Careful, Lorelai, this guy is getting clingy. You hate that. Luke grabs a notebook out of his nightstand and asks Lorelai to tell him what CDs he needs to get so she won't complain. Luke's got some weird Chili Peppers-looking tattoo. Lorelai is so happy she has to sniff Luke's underarm. They kiss, but Lorelai would rather make her CD shopping list, so she does.
I posted all that b/c she said it better than I could, and she is just awesome. I think that they rushed the Luke/Lorelai storyline, and she could have done so much more with it. However, I loved the horoscope bit. I thought it was so sweet of Luke. He's too good for her. Did you also notice that they barely even kissed? I would have liked to see some more of that.

Overall, a good episode though.

Posted: Oct 20th 2004, 1:38 am
by Jody Barsch*
I love that they included the Pipi Longstocking movies! HUGE HUGE part of my childhood!

Posted: Feb 8th 2005, 5:42 pm
by onechicago
i've started watching that show. it's okay, but i appreciate the literary and music comments.

sorry my posts are so crappy, but i haven't been on a messageboard for a while.

anyone going to watch it tonight?

Posted: May 19th 2005, 6:29 am
by Sascha
Whoa, what an amazing season finale (and cliffhanger). Stellar performance by Lauren Graham. Watching shows like "Gilmore Girls" is way more fun if you avoided all spoilers in the weeks before.

This fifth season was really good, I liked it quite a bit better than the fourth. As expected the show has just been renewed for a sixth season and there's even already talk about a potential seventh season for the "Girls" (if the ratings don't drop dramatically, there will be a 7th).

The only problem: Except for Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham all actors only have contracts for six seasons, especially Scott Patterson ("Luke") could be leaving the show after season six. The creators Amy Sherman-Palladino and Daniel Palladino also only have renewed their contracts with WB for one year.

Posted: May 20th 2005, 6:45 pm
by Jody Barsch*
I totally agree, season five was better than season four. It was a good season finale, and you could totally see it building up to that last scene with Loralie [spoiler]I'm glad it was her who asked, and not the other way around.[/spoiler]

Huh, I would have thougt that Alexis Bledel would be wanting to leave the show soon since she's starting to be in more and more movies (although it does seem like she's not all that diversive as an actor, or that she's being type-cast -- 'cuz even as an gun-toting prostitute, she still had the same characteristics about her.) I always enjoy seeing her as an extra in Rushmore.