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Where would they be now?

Posted: Aug 16th 2002, 1:59 pm
by Rhiannon
The main characters from MSCL would be about 23 years old now if the show had been real....What do you think they all would have done after leaving high school? I pictured Sharon getting married soon after high school to an all-american kinda guy like Kyle. They would be living the "american dream" in the suburbs of Pittsburgh
with a house, a dog, a baby on the way, and a white picket fence.
Does anyone else have visions of what the characters would be doing now?

Posted: Aug 16th 2002, 3:25 pm
by KrokRos
I think maybe Sharon would be more like Angela was and vice versa. Jordan would still be with Angela, but more in touch with his feelings and more like Graham.

I would wish for Ricki to have someone like "Jason" which I read about in some of the fanfiction, can't remember who wrote it, sorry.

Rayanne would be somewhat like Amber, perhaps.

Brian would be at some fancy school and working as a photographer in spear time.

I donno.

Posted: Aug 16th 2002, 3:50 pm
by socalledfan
Great topic!!!

Rhiannon, I agree with your vision on Sharon. Dead-on! Krokros, love your Krakow prediction.

Hmmm...not sure about these but here goes. Like Angela, I am long-winded so don't mind the paragraphs:

Angela: since she's so analytical about everything...I can see Angela becoming a book or movie critic. At 23 she will be fresh out of college, perhaps where she majored in Literature, and will get a great entry-level writing job. She will be single and occasionally going on dates. She dated Jordan Catalano all through high school, yet it fell apart when they started to go in different directions. Now at 23, Angela will meet an arty-sensitive guy, OR...perhaps, re-meet Krakow, who she hasn't seen in about 5 years (when she moved away from Three Rivers to attend college in a nearby small city). Look-wise, Angela dresses in a clean, classic way, perhaps a bit J.Crew preppy. Her hair is still dyed red but a much more subtle shade.

Rayanne: I don't think Rayanne will go to a college. If anything, maybe community college. I think she will have matured a bit from her wild ways...possibly going really astray in her late teens, but she has now calmed down. She now has a steady job working at a local social services agency as a counselor for wayward teens. She lives on her own and is never without a boyfriend. She and Angela parted ways after high school. Yet they do trade the occasional email. They saw each other at the 5-year Liberty High reunion recently, and promised each other "we need to get together soon!"

Krakow: He just graduated from an Ivy League school where he majored in Biology. Now he's starting a masters program. He eventually wants to work as a lab scientist for a pharmaceutical company. Despite his "geeky" intellectualism, Brian has matured and has a fairly good social life with friends from school, works out at a gym and has bulked up a bit, and looks back on his high school years with a bit of a cringe. He STILL can't get that Angela Chase out of his head though, no matter what. He wonders whatever happened to her? Must call her parents house and get her new number.... ;-)

Jordan: He is now working steadily as an owner of an auto shop. He supervises several employees. Still living in Three Rivers and playing occasional gigs at local pubs with his new band, "Thawed Out Embryos." He started and then quit community college, but is re-registered for a few classes for the coming fall.

Either that, or, Jordan was discovered by a modeling agency right after high school and he is now doing Calvin Klein undie ads. Hot damn!!!!

That's all I can think of for now....

LOL :lol:


Posted: Aug 16th 2002, 3:53 pm
by socalledfan
A few more ideas:

Rickie: Took Katimski's advice and pursued acting. He is currently doing an off-Broadway play in New York. :wink:

Patty and Graham: Went through a rough patch some years back but went for marriage counselling, and found out that they can't live without each other. Graham's latest restaurant, "Patty's Bistro" is a hit with the local crowd and the food critics alike. Patty does the books for the restaurant.


He Who Leans Nice

Posted: Aug 17th 2002, 10:05 am
by Guest
So, you seek to know the fates of your friends... Then look, if this divination you must have, but beware, for the gods reveal all, good and evil... Now, gaze into the crystal ball... Deep, deeper...

...With Angela gently pushing him to express himself, Jordan realized he was not made for modern Western Society. Leaving her was the hardest thing he ever did, yet it was with a sense of freedom and hope that he sold his car and, with Tino's help, booked passage on a rusty Panamanian freighter bound for parts unknown. After great adventures too numerous to detail here, he wandered into an isolated village deep in the rain forests of New Guinea. The tribal shaman had prophesied his arrival, and Jordan was welcomed with open arms. A surprisingly brief adjustment period was followed by his adoption into a respected family. He Who Leans Nice is now an accomplished hunter/gatherer with two wives and three young children. His story will be featured in an upcoming NOVA documentary...

...As his parents continued their ceaseless bickering and his relationship with Angela Chase was sporadic at best, Brian Krakow had little incentive to stay in Three Rivers. Admission to Yale was a snap (where do you think Bob and Bernice first met?) and the advanced work he had done at Liberty allowed him to skip nearly two years of his double major,(Photojournalism and Psychology) one minor (Quantum Physics) degree program. Things were going well until he became the first man to ever publicly quit The Order Of Skull And Bones, a decision which sent Bob and Bernice into a fit, each trying to determine if this was newfound personal fortitude from their own encouragement, or overreaction to the other spouse's ridiculous parenting strategies. This choice also had the effect of alienating himself from the entire East Coast Establishment, virtually guaranteeing he would never be employed at a major university, Fortune 500 company, or government office. On the plus side, however, his bold decision fired new self-confidence, and he soon rekindled many old friendships, including Angela's. Brian's professional life was not entirely doomed, either. He soon found work as an independant contractor providing customer service for an internet business selling specialty DVDs, a small but promising niche market. Brian continued his hobby of film-making and you can see his work in an upcoming NOVA special about isolated rain forest tribes...

Ah, see, the crystal grows foggy, and I grow weary... Come back later, if you dare, and more will I tell you... Go! Now! Go!

This is getting ridiculous!

Posted: Aug 17th 2002, 10:11 am
by Nostradamus
It is I, Nostradamus. I KNOW I was logged in when I started that last post! :o I think the forum somehow logged me out when I previewed my post several times. More research is needed. :?

Posted: Aug 17th 2002, 1:22 pm
by dTheater
If anyone's pursuing acting, it's Rayanne. She's found that it's the one thing that truly makes her happy. But she still has a drinking problem.

Jordan would not have finished high school. His band would've taken top priority and they would have gigged locally for a while. Eventually, Jordan would leave the Pittsburgh area and take a job at some auto body shop.

Brian would've went to college at the University of Colorado to get as far away from his parents and as close to his sister and her husband as possible. Still, his parents' hold on him would be ever-present as a Psychology major. He would go back home on holidays to see his parents and would occasionally run in to Angela, who are now nothing more than old friends. He would claim to have never had feelings for her.

Sharon would've majored in Education at Pitt. She wants to teach. She's had a steady boyfriend for a while, but she's unsure if he's the one. Eventually she would marry someone before any of the other characters.

Rickie works at a shelter and sometimes with Katimski at his gay and lesbian alliance group (or something along those lines). Rickie helps runaways and the like.

Angela's relationship with Rayanne, as strong as it was, would deteriorate through the high school years until she became just another face in the crowd (albeit a special face). I always saw Rayanne as one of those friends that enter and leave your life quicky but you never forget. She wouldn't have a steady relationship until senior year (having not chosen Jordan OR Brian). She would be an English Lit major. She would graduate (maybe). I honeslty can't say what she would then. I can't see her marrying. I don't think she would want to be confined to one person forever.

Posted: Aug 5th 2003, 12:47 pm
by dolphinsfan
I gaze into my cyrstal ball and look down the road into the future....

Angela makes up with Rayanne; she, rayanne, sharon and rickie become a core group of friends until graduation. Angela slowly forgets about jordan and has romances with other guys before she graduates.

Angela goes off to CCNY to study English Literature, Rickie goes with her to New York and eventually enroles in classes, majoring in theater.

Rayanne tries community college but decides to go off to LA to become an actress.

Jordan goes to a techincal school after high school and becomes either an auto machanic or a electrician.

Sharon goes to study education at Penn State

Brian goes to NYU to study math and sees angela from time to time, but stays good friends with Rickie.

Angela and Brian start becoming closer as Brian and Angela mature. Sharon moves to Philadelphia after graduation with her college boyfriend; she stays in touch with Angela and they make a point of seeing each other at least twice a year. Rayanne is the only one who really falls out of touch, but she does email sparatically.

Posted: Aug 5th 2003, 11:46 pm
by TomSpeed
I've spent a fair amount of time thinking about the adult lives of these characters. They seem like real people to me. That's about the highest compliment I can pay to a TV show. My fan fiction stories deal with this subject. My ideas are similiar to other posts in this thread. My stories take place in 2007. The date is not really important, except for the fact that I used the characters' 10th year high school reunion as a cheap plot device to bring them together.

Angela is a assistant college professor and fiction writer. She has published several short stories in magazines, including a story that deals with a wife killing her husband with a hammer. Word around the campfire is that this story is based on a previous stormy relationship. She didn't actually kill the guy though. Honest. She has also completed a novel. Publication of the novel is pending. Angela graduated from Penn State. Sharon was her roommate. She dated Jordan for many years. Although she doesn't really talk about it, friends get the impression she and Jordan just drifted apart during her college years. She is currently dating Brian.

Brian is a reporter for a newspaper in Atlanta. He attended Columbia. He was living with a woman whom he met while in college. She died tragically in a car accident. He doesn't talk about her much. But he did learn some things from her, like playing pool. He's the first person to read Angela's novel.

Rayanne is a head bank teller at a small bank in Three Rivers. She is a single mother. She met a mysterious Frenchman in Vegas. She did not attend college. Rayanne is also a stage actrees. She acts in a Three Rivers acting troupe, which is directed by Mr. Katimski. She is an alcoholic, but she's been taking each day one day at a time.

Sharon is a real estate agent. She organized the 10th year high school reunion. Sharon is married. She is expecting a child.

Jordan owns a garage. He is a talented mechanic. Rumor has it that he inherited the garage from an employer of many years. He did not attend college. Jordan is in the process of forming a new band.

Rickie became a Catholic priest after completion of high school. In his spare time, he works with Rayanne's acting troupe as a stage manager and Rayanne's acting coach.

Re: The Show

Posted: Aug 11th 2003, 11:38 pm
by Guest
I see it like this:

Angela went to Penn State, she majored in English, she now keeps her natural hair color, but hilighted blond, she has abandoned her grunge style for something more classy, and eventually, not yet, she will find someone either Brian Krackow, or someone similar to him to get married to.

Brian went to Yale and he studied something physics-y or something, he started rowing in college and has bulked up, he cut his hair so it doesn't look so rediculous, and grew a goatee (like real devon gummersall had for a while-looked good) he avoids going home for vacation because he has never had a close relationship from his parents.

Sharon went to Michigan (i don't know why michigan-just that's what I imagined-i mean she's smart, but not ivy material, so i guess that works) she's still like sharon in high school, the organizer.

Rayanne got pregnant her senior year of high school. She struggled with being a teenage mother, eventually found a really nice guy who is completing law school, and is pulling her life together.

Jordan never went to college, he started an auto repair shop with tino in upstate new york. They still have a garage band for fun in their spare time.

Rickie got a scholarship to a drama school in New York City, moved to San Francisco, and found a partner there, when he comes home to the Two Rivers, he now goes home to the Kaminskys without any legal complications.

Danielle turned into a wild girl, who to Patty and Graham's dismay makes Angela's adolescent years seem not so terrable. She's not as intensely slutty as Rayanne was, but goes to parties, dresses edgily, experiments, and has been the center of attention for once in her life, sort of taking rayanne's advice on how if nothing is happening make it happen. She dyed her hair jet black, with makes patty and graham think back on angela's tasteful crimson glow. She'd be a junior or senior in high school.

Posted: Aug 12th 2003, 8:18 pm
by dTheater
Anybody can get into Penn State. I don't see Sharon settling for that. University of Penn maybe. Oh, and Graham would have his own TV show "Garlic of Graham." His catch phrase would be "wham!"

Posted: Aug 13th 2003, 9:02 am
by Megs
dTheater wrote:Anybody can get into Penn State. I don't see Sharon settling for that. University of Penn maybe. Oh, and Graham would have his own TV show "Garlic of Graham." His catch phrase would be "wham!"
I went to Penn State.


Posted: Aug 13th 2003, 2:59 pm
by Natasha (candygirl)
So what are you trying to tell us Megs?



Posted: Aug 13th 2003, 3:27 pm
by Megs
candygirl wrote:So what are you trying to tell us Megs?


Apparently that I settled. What, it was good enough for me, but not for Sharon? Hmph.



Posted: Aug 13th 2003, 3:43 pm
by TomSpeed
As far as I know, Penn State is a good school. State colleges and universities sometimes have a reputation as being inferior because everyone has a "fair chance" to be accepted. With rising tuition, budget cutbacks, and the increasing number of applicants, acceptance is no longer a sure thing. There are certain professions that just about require an Ivy League degree. For example, I don't think I'm going to be a mutual fund manager in the near future. But a degree from most state universities is a pretty good achievement.