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Posted: Aug 13th 2003, 5:39 pm
by Natasha (candygirl)
TomSpeed wrote:But a degree from most state universities is a pretty good achievement.
Especially if you live in California. A degree from UC Berkeley is nothing to sneeze at - great reputation, high standards, and low tuition!

Those attributes combined with the increased number of students are creating nearly unattainable admissions numbers though - my sister had a 4.0, high SAT scores, good extracurriculars, and a good essay but she didn't get into Cal or UCLA last fall. Makes you wonder who IS getting in (although I did read something in the paper the other day about a high school student who is starting her senior year with a 4.85 GPA).

Posted: Aug 17th 2003, 2:10 pm
by Guest
I have to say I really can't imagine Angela having a typical life.By that I mean two kids,nice house in the suburbs,stable marriage and a job.That sounds like Sharon.After all Angela is "that wierd girl".I can imagine her being a writer,in a relationship with some artist type of guy(definately not Krakow).

Posted: Aug 27th 2003, 12:29 pm
by suicidal and frustrated
Look people it really doesn't matter where they would be .Angela will finish college,find a job,get married( Jordan,Brian or some xy guy-what difference does it make,right),first few years of marriage the sex would be great,she would have kids and she will drown herself in everyday routine,she will get bored with her husband and her kids.Then when she reaches menopause she would find her hubby in bed with a younger thingy,because she is simply not attractive anymore.They would get a divorce,which will ultimately result in a serious depresion.She will die by the age of 60.And that's one hell of a life,huh?Just so you know,I'm completely serious about this.Any thoughts?Feedbacks?

Posted: Aug 28th 2003, 12:54 am
by Guest
Y'know, S&F, if you had left out the college part, I'd say you put out a pretty good prediction...For Rayanne! Or maybe Danielle. But Angela's self-analyzing if nothing else. I think she'd have a more open line of communication with any guy she'd actually marry.

Posted: Oct 22nd 2003, 10:38 pm
by Hunee
wow 9 years later... I cant see that far ahead... I mean I could see the characters like two years from where they were in the finale but as far as now I just dont know...