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Posted: Sep 4th 2002, 9:53 am
by Megs
Exactly, Mankind. Now that our generation has one of those moments, I would give anything to be the way we were before 9/11.

I remember watching that scene and thinking the same exact thing as Angela. I remember asking my parents over and over again where they were when JFK was shot; when Bobby Kennedy was shot; when MLK, Jr was shot; when they heard Elvis has died... and I was always awe struck that they remembered the events exactly, like they were burned into their memories... or something.

I wish we were back to being jealous that we didn't have one of those moments.

Posted: Sep 7th 2002, 3:19 pm
by K-man
These really are wonderful stories. I won't include much about where I was, except that I was listening to my headphones at work, taking in my favorite morning show and heard it all before I saw it. Luckily the big-boss was in the office that morning and he had a TV in his office so I could see the grisly photos of the planes crashing and buildings falling. I do find it interesting though that nobody has mentioned when Reagan was shot. Of course he wasn't killed but as I remember it was pretty big news. I do remember when Elvis died. The challenger explosion too. D- Theatre; your story reminds me of a somewhat similar incident that happened to me. It was a typical morning and as I left the house I saw the trash truck coming down our street and I remembered it was trash day so I grabbed my full bags and met the trashman at the curb. The driver was about a 7 foot tall African-American man and as I tossed my sacks in the back of his truck thinking I would save him the trouble, I greeted him with a cheerful 'Good Morning'! He didn't say a word. He just kinda glared at me and sped off. I thought that was a bit strange. Minutes later as I got to work, I learned that the night before the officers who had beat Rodney King were acquitted and some unhappy folks were trying to burn down Los Angeles. Like you I learned to check the news now and then.