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I'm really sorry!

Posted: Jul 31st 2002, 2:41 am
by DerekMcF
I'm really sorry that I didn't watch this show in its first run and that I wasn't around for the Life Support days. I am amazed far too often at the quality televsion that falls by the wayside because of network bottom lines, ABC's especially. Let's consider their premature cancelations.
First, the oh-so-obvious and sad cancelation of MSCL.
Second, Sports Night. To give this series two years did not exercise its full potential.
Dharma and Greg. All I can say is why? At least give this show a propper send-off.
Then there was O&A. Matshal and Ed and Cela and Billy, I am so sorry. Your show gave me a place to go. Too often these days divorces are experienced. At least within this show we saw that good could come from them, and that people could pull through and be whole again.
ABC missed out on the true acting range of Claire and A.J. and Wilson and everyone else. This show could have been a future Nick-AT-Nighter when the network moves into '90s television. But ABC was too afraid of its own shaddow.
Responses appreciated.

Posted: Jul 31st 2002, 11:55 pm
by dTheater
Sports Night was brilliant and I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did on ABC.

You can't forget the other criminal cancellations that have made ABC the worst network on TV: Murder One, Relativity, Nothing Sacred, Cupid, China Beach, and so many more that deserve to be remembered by me at this moment.