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One of the best scenes ever, IMHO

Posted: Mar 19th 2002, 3:32 pm
by socalledfan
Hello everyone, I was just thinking of some of my favorite MSCL moments...and this one ranks high on my list.

In "Why Jordan Can't Read" I love Angela's little dance after she leaves Jordan's car in front of her house, and he drives away. That scene always melts me...she is like a little ballerina, so happy, spinning around, and the music that accompanies the scene is so sweet. Perfect moment...she's dancing on air over her Jordan Catalano!

Anyone else agree? Feel free to mention your favorite scenes...the ones that give you the most joy...besides when Jordan grabs Angela's hand in the hallway...we ALL love that one I'm sure!

P.S.--another favorite of mine...when she spots Jordan across the room at the dance in "The Life of Brian"...between the beat of the music and the people walking past, it's almost like's she's looking at Jordan through a strobe light! So cool!

-Socalledfan :-)

"You're so beautiful, it hurts to look at you."

Re: One of the best scenes ever, IMHO

Posted: Mar 19th 2002, 4:51 pm
by Guest
My personal favorite scenes are: the final scene of the pilot..."we had a time", when Patty finds Rickie in the church in "so called angels" (i cry every damn time), when Krakow asks to help Angela with the Liberty Lit. in "The Substitute".

Re: One of the best scenes ever, IMHO

Posted: Mar 19th 2002, 4:53 pm
by K-man
I agree with you. I love the music that wells up as she is leaving Jordan's car and then dances to the door. This episode has so many GREAT scenes!


Re: One of the best scenes ever, IMHO

Posted: Mar 19th 2002, 5:41 pm
by Brooklyn
I have so many favorite scenes. The best (of course) is at the end of Self Esteem when Jordan holds Angela's hand in the hall. But outside of that, since that one has been named a favorite so many times before, my all time favorite MSCL moment is when Angela is outside of the dance in Life of Brian, and Jordan comes out and they meet by the fence. Krakow sees them and looks genuinely hurt, which is sad but he plays it so well. I also love it when Jordan says: Why are you like this? Angela: Like what? Jordan: Like how you are. That scene will forever be burned into my memory.

Re: One of the best scenes ever, IMHO

Posted: Mar 19th 2002, 11:20 pm
by angelika
The scene where Angela dances after leaving Jordan's car is my absolute favorite scene, and I'm not sure why, considering its simplicity. I think that it is her apparent emotions that makes it my favorite, even though it isn't an outwardly complex scene.

Wow. I haven't been to this site in way too long, but felt that I should reply to this post. Good to be back.


Re: One of the best scenes ever, IMHO

Posted: Mar 20th 2002, 4:08 am
by Colene
I'll try and pick some other scenes that stick out in my mind, since people have already mentioned the same ones...
When Angela is down in the boiler room with Jordan and just before she leaves she tells Jordan "And my name is spelled with one L" YAY!, you tell him! The emotion in her voice was perfect!
Another part I liked was when Danielle got all dressed up like Angela for Halloween. She imitated her perfectly!
And one that I really, really like is at the Mother/Daughter fashion show where Angela's VO says that even possibly she is be beautiful (can't remember the exact quote). Her VO and Enigma's song "Return to Innocence" is just great!

Re: One of the best scenes ever, IMHO

Posted: Mar 20th 2002, 7:42 pm
by Joanna
Oooooo - I have soooooo many favourite scenes (that I have listed before) I can't even begin to start to do it all again..............

"And dance by the light of the moon!"

one of my favs

Posted: Dec 9th 2002, 5:49 pm
by Guest
has to be in 'life of brian' when angela is asking brian if they can go to the dance together....

just the way she says it equals perfection. and you can see it in brian's eyes..just how much he's in love w/ her.

i also love when angela walks in on the angel the first time in the classroom and kind of cries. that's a great scene.

or when rayanne looks at angela crying in the zit at the way end. another good part.

so many more.

Posted: Dec 9th 2002, 6:24 pm
by Natasha (candygirl)
People tend to go for the big moments, so I'll go with a small one which is nonetheless hilarious and very telling.

In Betrayal after Rayanne's audition, she says she should have cried like Angela and starts talking about how Angela's mouth collapses, then Rickie walks up and says, "Why are you crying like Angela?"


It's funny but also reveals how closely Rayanne has been studying Angela's mannerisms "because, face it, she's always wanted to be you."

Posted: Dec 9th 2002, 9:28 pm
by dTheater
Brian's reaction when he finds out Angela is taking Jordan to see The Bicycle Thief and the heated argument that follows. "I don't disapprove; I'm just sickened."

Posted: Dec 10th 2002, 3:35 pm
by K-man
I agree Jim, that is a GREAT scene and a great episode. I think my favorite scene from WJCRead would have to be just before that when Angela and Jordan argue in the empty classroom about the letter he found at the museum. Maybe not really an arguement, but Angela responds with the same kind of fire she did towards Krakow when Jordan says the letter just didn't hold his interest.

Posted: Dec 10th 2002, 6:06 pm
by pinkchimney
One of my faves is in the Pilot episode towards the end when Angela is getting into the police car and Jordan sees her and says "I know that girl." it was a great scene because even though she didn't get into the club, her night was complete because she got to see jordan AND he acknowledged her. "angela!" Yay for TV.

Posted: Dec 10th 2002, 6:34 pm
by Guest
all of the substitute...i guess specific scenes would be...

the one where vic goes 'that was yesterday...what are ya gonna write today.' and just the look on angelas inspired she i wish i had a teacher like that.

also in wjcread...where they've all just gotten to the museum and u see angela, rayanne, and rickie togehter..haha i just love the way they all look together there..such a cool group of kids, i love how individual each of them are...

Posted: Dec 11th 2002, 2:36 am
by SanDeE*
The scene that comes to my mind right at this moment is in the Pilot, right at the end. When Angela walks into her parents' room and tells Patty:
"I'm really sorry. About my hair and everything."
And then she starts crying and goes to her mom. When I got the discs and saw this part I just started crying! I never reacted so strongly to that scene before (of course, I haven't seen any of the show since maybe 1996 or so). I'm having a sort of rough time at school, and I miss my family a lot this year, so maybe that's it. Also, I think there's something in your inner child about wanting to be able to just be held and comforted by your mom in that way, and maybe you miss it when you start growing up. I don't know!

I also like the first scene in (Dancing in the Dark?) Where Angela is describing her three kisses. And the science film in the background talking about explosions and stuff. Great!

Posted: Dec 11th 2002, 4:09 am
by Rickie Love
Man, this whole show makes me choke up at one point or another! :( I can't believe how CURRENT it still feels. I wasn't really expecting that. I just got done with the last ep and let me just say :cry: :cry: :cry: Can we start over again soon please??

I swear, that end scene is enough to break your heart for GOOD! Man, such good stuff, I can't believe they stopped there. In a way, it's cool - it'll always be great, it'll always be in that same protective little bubble and will never change on you or go downhill the way some shows do: In short, it'll always be on top of it's game. It's just...poor Brian. And Rayanne. Yes, Rayanne. I do believe she's PAID already.