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"Take wallpaper".......

Posted: Mar 17th 2002, 1:35 pm
by Joanna
Just been listening to my bootleg MSCL CD (with thanks to a certain someone on this website) and the discussion between Brian and Graham about wallpaper is amusing....what I want to know though is after Brian has gone on and on about choices and 'wallpaper' and Graham says "Brian? We're not really talking about wallpaper, are we?" ---- obviously Graham realises that the topic of conversation is about something else but do you think he actually knew it was about his own daughter (never mind girls)? I would suggest that this is possibly so because in another episode Graham remarks to himself that Brian is "too busy picturing my daughter naked" to bother to help him with the drain pipe! LOL..however, would it would be like Graham (and most men for that matter) not to even occur to him what the conversation is ACTUALLY about!

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Re: Wallpaper?

Posted: Mar 18th 2002, 4:35 pm
Given Brian's constant penchant for finding a reason to stop over at the Chases' house, I do think Graham knew exactly what Brian was referring to. And maybe as a man, he understood where Brian was coming from but pushed down that ick factor that comes with thinking about Brian objectifying Angela. In any case, I think Graham found it a bit amusing how caught up Brian was in Angela since Angela was so obviously caught up in someone else.

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