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Wow!.....this site

Posted: Apr 28th 2006, 4:49 pm
by timwebber
Just found this site 5minutes ago. Haven't had time to check much of it out but I can say that I can see myself wasting LOTs of time here in the near future. Had no clue that there were so many dorks out there like me that loved this show. BTW: I'm a straight 35yo married man w/ children who watches MSCL DVD's probably more than I should.


Posted: May 2nd 2006, 2:00 am
by nkatsa
hahaha hi there and welcome! i feel your pain, and as another thread here put it, "it hurts so good." :lol: hope you have a good time posting on some of these threads, it's fun to relive the love and the utter heartache that is this show! :P