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Re: jordan

Posted: Apr 7th 2012, 10:28 pm
by Jody Barsch*
* It's cool to leave a game of pool for alcohol
* Leaving a game of pool to acknowledge the girl you've been hiding in the boiler room because it's "like, our secret", is a little iffier [Again, don’t micromanage me – you won’t like the results]
grim4746 wrote:Still wasting time on a jerk like Jordan after all these years? Don't suppose there's a code of conduct for Brian that I haven't stumbled over?

Just poking fun. That's an awesome list/analysis Jody!. Always great to see you finding new ways to think about MSCL.

I think the slowness of January will leave me time to rewatch. I have a roommate who has never seen the show. I'll try to follow your example and bring something new to the forum.
Just a reminder Grim, if you're still around some times :mrgreen: