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video trailer

Posted: Dec 11th 2001, 9:18 am
by richard
While ambling around the internet I just found this trailer that bmg made for the MSCL box sets, which is on the blockbuster site. I have copied it to the URL below in case it gets deleted.

It isn't that great, but is just interesting that they actually made it, so is worth a look if you haven't seen it before.

On another note, I flicked on to channel 4 the other night at about 3:00AM just in time to see the end credits for 'Meego' saying 'Guest Starring Devon Odessa' Which was just a little annoying to have missed that!



The url is: <A HREF="">http:/ ...</A>

Re: video trailer

Posted: Jan 4th 2002, 9:30 am
by K-man
That was cool! Thanks for posting it.


Re: video trailer

Posted: Jan 4th 2002, 1:59 pm
by Joanna
I agree! It took a while to load it but it was fun to see as I don't remember many decent trailers for the show over here in the UK.


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Re: video trailer

Posted: Jan 13th 2002, 9:45 am
Thanx so much for providing this link. While it's a shame that the videos are not available anymore through BMG, it was great to see the trailer simply because it involved MSCL.

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