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Re: Angela's Appearance

Posted: Feb 19th 2004, 5:12 pm
by Guest
chaseface888 wrote:Yeah, being in high school myself and being able to observe it, its the sharons and rayannes who get guys. The abercrombie, stick straight hair thing (which I think is a modernization of the Sharon type) seems to catch a lot of guys attention too
Yeah, well who cares.The way I see it, most people these days are really shallow so naturally they wanna be with the likes of them.Guys in highschool mostly want sex and girls who put out get their attention( or better yet, some parts of them get guys attention)


Posted: Mar 21st 2004, 7:57 pm
by lixxie
think she's very pretty, but can sometimes be out of style,
Well, it was 1994 when she was bustin' out the flannel boxers and all that.. :lol:

But more on topic: I've always thought that Claire Danes was really pretty, in a.. normal, non-intimidating big movie star sort of way, if that makes any sense. :)