What are the situations / scenes where Angela actually might like Brian?

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What are the situations / scenes where Angela actually might like Brian?

Post by Taricco » Oct 4th 2017, 4:40 pm

I know there isn't much traffic here right now, but I just remembered this board and that I registered here 14 years ago :) Right at this moment I'm watching the show again and thought to myself, that maybe I could start a new post.

I've always asked myself, not only when watching the show, but also in my private so-called life, if a person you are interested in likes that you're interested and if you're not anymore, she'll be a little sad or disappointed?

I think Angela assumed her whole life that Brian at least took an interest in her or even likes her more than just a childhood neighbor. Were there any situations / scenes in the show, where we can actually see her liking Brian too? maybe she doesn't realise it or is distracted by her love for Jordan.

There is a scene at the end of the episode "Strangers in the house" where Brian is fixing his bike outside and Angela walks by. She tells him very gentle that Sharon needed him, because "there are certain sweet ways about him". Brian asks if she has given this a lot of thought and Angela says "Fix your bike" and gets home. I actually think she has thought about this before.

Or the scene in "Life of Brian" where Angela walks past the classroom after school and sees Brian and Delia "hanging together" inside. She stops and looks strange at him, even a little sad maybe that Brian Krakow is spending time with another girl that is not her. What was she thinking at this moment? It must have been more than just interest to look at him, I mean she could have just walked on with a smile and that's it. Is that why she maybe manipulated Brian to go with her to the dance, so he dumps Delia?

So, to go back to the beginning of my post, does Angela actually subconciously fears of losing Brians attention, like she isn't used to Brian even liking someone else? Does that mean that she deep down inside likes Brian too, even before the letter happens?

Are there more situations / scenes that come to mind where Angela actually seems to like Brian even more than she would admit to herself?

I know it takes some years for you guys to respond, but I'll check in once in a while ;)

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