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Christmas Episode - So Called Angels

Posted: Jul 12th 2003, 3:13 pm
by Reesywales
HI, this is my first post, but I am soooo happy to have found a site about this wonderful show, which I haven't been able to see in the UK for a few years.

Mostly I wanted to talk about the christmas episode, how good was that!!!

So moving, festive, emotional, it gives me goosebumps, and I cry everytime no matter what mood I am in. When Angelas mother walks into the Church, the haunting choir, the plot, the fantastic cast, and when they all go home at the end ....... oh!!!!!! :cry:

Just the thought gives me bumps!! Hope to be here often now I have found this site, I am gutted to find out that the DVD is only available in the US, but hopefully I will be able to get copy, cheap!!!

Any Ideas!!! Speak soon,

Posted: Jul 12th 2003, 3:34 pm
by Jason R
There is no region-coding on the disc. So wherever you find it, it should work.

Posted: Jul 12th 2003, 7:12 pm
by Natasha (candygirl)
There is as list of online retailers selling the region free DVD in our FAQ. Because the rights have expired, I don't know how many of them will still have copies in stock. Your best bet is probably deepdiscountdvd - they are only charging $45.78 for the set (which is half the price that many of us paid through anotheruniverse) plus $8.95 for international shipping and handling. You will probably have to pay VAT, tax, customs fees, etc. on top of that (as DDD is located in the USA) - there is info on that as well in the FAQ. Good luck finding a copy!