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Still love it

Posted: Jun 25th 2003, 5:13 am
by Chani
I remember when the show first came out. I just moved out of my house from high school. I could totally relate to Angela. Her Jordan was my John. So in love with him The quiet boy :) of course. A couple of yrs later I found out that he had a crush on me too! It broke my heart b/c I wonder what it couldve been like. I watch MSCL and just think back. WEll my high school reunion is coming up. Im married now,but I would love to see my "Jordan".

Posted: Jun 29th 2003, 6:25 pm
by Cocolina
Come to think of it I had a Jordan as well.. His name was Mike. He was behind a year in English, sat right in front of me and i (this is bad) would help him cheat i just could not resist he was so adorable and so quite we even had a song "cotton eye joe" we talked mostly about music and MTV but then he didnt come back to school the next year either he dropped out or they gave him summer school to graduate ......i have always wondered what happened to him and if i should have ever told him how i felt..... :)