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The Ataris

Posted: Apr 8th 2001, 5:45 pm
by Guest
Has n e 1 else heard the song "My So-Called Life" by The Ataris? I'm from the UK, so if it was a hit in the US and this sounds like a stupid question, that's why. That is one cool song, and if n e 1 else had a crush on Claire Danes, then they will definitely relate to it...well, a little bit n e way (the lyrics r a bit, erm, exaggerated). U can find it on Napster. Check it out!

Re: The Ataris

Posted: Apr 8th 2001, 8:12 pm
by Alee
I've heard it; that's not a stupid question

Re: The Ataris

Posted: Apr 14th 2001, 6:33 pm
by ataris
Yeah I've heard of it. My username is even ataris cause of the band. The rest of their songs are really good too. And to answer your question no, it isn't popular here.

Re: The Ataris

Posted: Apr 16th 2001, 9:58 am
by mglenn
I haven't heard the song yet... guess I'll fire up napster when I get home and check it out. As for the Claire Danes crush I know one other person who has one, his name is Ben Lee :-) Be sure to check out his stuff on Napster too...

Mike Glenn
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