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Posted: May 12th 2003, 10:12 am
by Guest
A couple really hilarious things Jordan says are like:

Angela and Rayan are in his car acting hyper and being obnoxious and he says "can you guys like......leave!"

In the episode where he kisses Angela and he says "ya know those the mountains who like......make snow.........i'dd really like to do that"

Also very funny was in that episode where he finds a juicy letter Angela wrote about him and he goes to give it back to her saying he never read it, trying to hide the fact he can't read. But it's even funnier when Angela say's "see I had a boyfriend last summer and he....he died, hes dead"

Oh yeah and that time when Jordan is at Angelas house talking to her mom and he keeps asking for milk, I think he drank what 3 whole glasses of milk.....he says something like "got milk"
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Posted: May 24th 2003, 9:37 am
by Guest
When he offered to bring Angela to that old warehouse to see Rickie.( So-Called Angels)

Posted: May 30th 2003, 11:20 am
by pistolpeg
From The Zit, "Wait, getting back to that Metamorphosis story ... that's made up, right?"

Posted: Mar 26th 2004, 11:36 am
by pistolpeg
Just watched Strangers again last night and had to add:

"So, you like crying or somethin?" When Angela finds Jordan under the bleachers.

Posted: Aug 10th 2004, 12:10 pm
by Angela_Catalano
I have so many Jordan moments that really crack me up!! :D

One of my favorites is when he Is over at Angela's house talking to Patty on the last episode.. The phone rings and Jordan says "if thats TINO, Tell him im not here"