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Look here for episode discussions

Posted: Jan 9th 2003, 5:06 pm
by Natasha (candygirl)
Beginning Monday, January 13, 2003 we will have weekly discussions of each episode. Due to MSCL's international fan base, we are not scheduling a specific time for viewing. Every Monday a new thread will be posted in "The Show" forum to discuss the week's episode. If you are interested in participating, you do NOT have to post your thoughts on Monday – join in whenever you have time!

We will begin with the Pilot on January 13 and continue discussing the episodes in chronological order. One reason for this is so that we can view character growth, as well as recurring themes. With that in mind, please try to limit your observations to that particular week's episode. Obviously there aren't any spoilers since we have all watched the series, but try to refer to the plot, themes, and character developments that pertain to the current episode rather than future episodes – we'll get to them all eventually! For example, when discussing the Pilot don't throw in a comment like, "Wow, I forgot how hot Jordan is. I can't believe he's going to screw everything up by sleeping with Rayanne."

As always, please be respectful of other people's opinions. It's okay to disagree because we each have our own interpretations of the show, but if you DO disagree state why. Not to sound like your high school English teacher, but we want you to back up your statements (or to quote Juvenile, we want you to back that thang up). Even if you agree, tell us why – after all, the discussion won't be very interesting if only one or two people give us their opinions and then other people post "Me too!" or "That's stupid!" Besides, we're nosy and we want to know what you think.

I encourage everyone to read the corresponding Angela's World for each episode. The essays will give you a lot of insight into the themes, symbolism, and characters. With the exception of the Pilot essay, which is a two parter, each episode essay is pretty brief but still touches on the important issues.

Above all else, enjoy reliving the MSCL experience and share your thoughts with us!

The episode discussion threads can be found here:

Episode 1: Pilot
Episode 2: Dancing in the Dark
Episode 3: Guns and Gossip
Episode 4: Father Figures
Episode 5: The Zit
Episode 6: The Substitute
Episode 7: Why Jordan Can't Read
Episode 8: Strangers in the House
Episode 9: Halloween
Episode 10: Other People's Mothers
Episode 11: Life of Brian
Episode 12: Self-Esteem
Episode 13: Pressure
Episode 14: On the Wagon
Episode 15: So-Called Angels
Episode 16: Resolutions
Episode 17: Betrayal
Episode 18: Weekend
Episode 19: In Dreams Begin Responsibilities

Posted: Jan 13th 2003, 7:32 pm
by Natasha (candygirl)
Due to the different time zones (and, as Nostradamus pointed out last night, it is technically Monday in 1/4 of the world just as my Sunday night is ending), each week I will post a new discussion thread with links to related topics on late Sunday night/early Monday morning so that you can start discussing the week's episode as soon as you get to work Monday morning! :wink:

Please feel free to revisit old topics and continue discussion in previously posted threads - sometimes watching a particular episode gives me a new perspective on things that we have already talked about. The links are to give you even more things to think about (as if the greatness of MSCL isn't enough food for thought!).