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Katimski's partner/Resolutions

Posted: Jan 1st 2003, 12:18 am
by lizardcub
Anyone know the name of Katimski's partner? SAB-from the shooting scripts? Or from closed captioning, anyone?

Just watched Resolutions--will post some thoughts soon. Some parts of it are really unrealistic. But oh it's so good.

Posted: Jan 3rd 2003, 5:00 pm
by Guest
It's Joseph, isn't it??? Pretty sure it is said in Resolutions.

Posted: Jan 3rd 2003, 9:07 pm
by lizardcub
It doesn't say in Resolutions, and he's credited as something like "Katimski's partner." But he is called Joseph in all of Shobi's (ER Holdridge's) fan fics, which is probably what you're thinking of. I think of him as Joseph in my head for that reason as well. :) But yeah, does anyone know for certain whether Shobi just made that name up, and, if so, whether 'Joseph' was given a different name behind the scenes but not on the air?