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The Clintons

Posted: Dec 12th 2002, 3:22 am
by TessD1891
So I've been watching the shows and noticed there's a lot of references to the Clintons. In the first ep, Patty mentions various security measures for Chelsea and says that's what they need for Angela. In the next episode Graham says something about Hilary Clinton and wearing red. In the third episode, when Brian is in the principal's office about the gun, there's a pic of Bill on the wall behind the principal. Has anyone noticed any other references?

Posted: Dec 12th 2002, 3:25 am
by fnordboy
Actually that is why the show got pulled. The Bush Clan and Sean Hannity (in an early effort to Hannitize the country) utilizing Rojekian brainwashing techniques convinced the head of the station to axe the show.

It was very hush hush black ops.

Posted: Dec 12th 2002, 3:49 am
by Natasha (candygirl)
I like the theory, but quite honestly I believe the Clinton references were just pop culture. When they began filming the pilot, Clinton had just taken office so it was a new and exciting thing, politically and culturally. The references also drew parallels between the Chases and the Clintons. In Dancing in the Dark, Camille tells Patty that men like when women wear red. Later Neil says that Hillary Clinton should wear more red. Throughout the series, Patty wears tons of red (as discussed in another thread).

The reference to Chelsea draws a parallel between Chelsea and Angela. A young Chelsea growing up in the spotlight with Secret Service following her everywhere was both an issue that was discussed at great length in magazines and on television, as well as a general statement about the teen years - everyone feels so self-conscious at that age. Teenagers spend their time posing, seeking attention, or trying to blend in, actions that contradict each other, and Chelsea was faced with these issues on an international level. It's an awkward age, but to have to grow up knowing that everyone was watching for bad outfits, bad hair days, tripping on cracks in the sidewalk, etc. is enough to make anyone feel self-conscious and inadequate.

Remember Angela's perception of her zit - that it had blotted out the truth about everything and who she was. She projected that view onto everyone else and she assumed that everyone was as obsessed with her zit as she was. She spent the entire episode looking at it, touching it, holding her hand in front of it, covering it with concealer, and thinking about what to do to it. In essence, she felt like there was a bright spotlight on her with a neon sign overhead that declared, "ZIT!"

Now imagine the same situation with photographers documenting it from every angle and publishing the pictures in tabloids. Chelsea had the literal spotlight on her, while Angela's was in her imagination.

Posted: Dec 18th 2002, 11:15 am
by Guest
Patty also told Camile that her and Graham's costumes were of Bill and Hilary for the costume party they never made it to. hee hee