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Pilot Episode

Posted: Nov 24th 2002, 2:33 am
by glitter_punk
I'm sure this was probably discussed already, b/c most stuff is :-P hehe, but have you ever noticed... in the pilot episode, when Rayanne, Angela, and Rickie are outside at Let's Bolt, and Rayanne is on the ground and Rickie goes,"Don't worry, she won't remember this" and the next Monday (or so I'm guessing) they're all at school having a huge conversation and Rayanne remembers it clearly...?

Posted: Nov 25th 2002, 10:40 am
by starbug
See, I always thought that was because she was just telling people about it. From what I remember (without my DVDs to hand yet), she was pretty unspecific about what actually happened... I interpreted it that she was just showing off by yelling about what she could remember.

Also, I always thought that Rickie was referring to her molestation by those guys...

it's a good point; once I get my dvds I'll have more of an opinion.

Re: Pilot Episode

Posted: Nov 26th 2002, 3:15 am
I always found it funny how Rayanne talked up the time she, Angela and Rickie had at Let's Bolt as if it was some amazing adventure. They got stood up by Tino and spent a ton of time in a parking lot doing nothing, then she got virtually sexually assaulted by some idiot, she nearly got arrested and, of course, she almost fell down because she was so drunk. I suppose for Rayanne, that's an exciting night because she was the center of attention and it was exciting for Angela because she got a chance to see Jordan, but the event itself really wasn't as much of "a time" as they all made it seem to be. Besides, starbug is right that Rayanne's recollection of the event is pretty vague on the details. She's all about stretching the truth and making it sound more exciting than it is.

Posted: Nov 26th 2002, 2:42 pm
by Natasha (candygirl)
I think Rayanne's spin on their evening in the parking lot is typical of her attitude - making something of nothing. Like she tells Danielle in Weekend, "I think, something has to happen. Only, it never does. So I have to make it happen." Add to that her typical high school attitude that any non-school time is not to be wasted (staying at home on Friday night is boring, only losers without friends don't go out, etc) and voila, you get her version of Friday night.

Technically, no one is lying about Friday night. Rickie says, "We hung out. And these guys, they tried to pick them up....And the cops came" (all of which is true). Rayanne, on the other hand, doesn't reveal any details but goes for the comprehensive evaluation with "It was totally wicked, am I right? I am telling you, we had a time. Didn't we? Didn't we have a time?" She never says WHAT kind of time they had, just that they had A time, which they definitely did. And in the high school world, "a time" is better than "Friday night with mom and dad" no matter what happened. Rayanne's attention whore drama queen mentality requires her to recount the story as something fun and exciting, even if it was just the three of them hanging out in the parking lot.

As far as Rickie's statement that she won't remember because she blacks out when she drinks - I don't doubt that Rayanne often drinks to excess BUT I think that she doesn't blacks out every single time she drinks (or that she always drinks THAT much every single time that she drinks). Rather, she is typical in her habit of conveniently "forgetting" what happens when she is drunk as a way to absolve her behavior. Very common among young drinkers. You know, the cry of, "I was sooooooo drunk!" that you hear after the Walk of Shame.

Posted: Nov 26th 2002, 2:54 pm
by K-man
To follow Candygirl's thought, that is exactly what RA tells Jordan the 'morning after' in Betrayal. "Wow, I was really out of it last night."