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MSCL as Shakespearian tragedy

Posted: Jun 27th 2000, 2:13 am
by oldguy
I recently watched Episode 16 and it crystalized how MSCL
is following the tradition of Shakespearian tragedy.

First --- The story lays out very clearly how the tragic
paths are pre-determined by the mind-sets of the characters.

MSCL involves a complex web of inter-relationships such that
there are tragic consequences for each character.

Brian's love for Angela is as "star-crossed" as any love
could possibly be ---- In fact --- There are two tragic
stories told here as opposed to the single story traditionally
told in Shakespear.

Any thoughts?

Here's a thought.

Posted: Jun 27th 2000, 12:09 pm
by mia
You spell Shakespeare with an "e" at the end.

Just kidding. Don't get mad. Please.

Um, anyway, about the thoughts expressed in your post. I don't really view the plot as Shakespearian. Or if it is, then everyday life is Shakesperian, which could be true. I tend to think of Shakespeare as melodramatic, with HUGE tragedies involving death. While this show was melodramic at times, it never went quite that far. Maybe "Shakespeare Lite" is a better term?

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