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Halo Deuce

Posted: Nov 13th 2004, 7:44 pm
by andrewgd
Anyone been playing it? I've almost beaten it. Of course, I'm a little jaded, but I think it's pretty good, and the LIVE play is a blast. Nothing like spending the night on the town, and then yelling drunken insults to people you've never met. And doing pretty well in the game too, dispite the inebriation.

Though I do have some alterior motives in asking, I want to hear what people who've played it think first.

Posted: Nov 13th 2004, 8:20 pm
by SanDeE*
I don't really play any video games, but I have a few friends that keep talking about it. I just tease them that they're geeks, which they happily take as a compliment! :wink: :lol: Of course, I'm a dork, so... :D

Posted: Nov 13th 2004, 9:03 pm
by Nostradamus
I wish. My PC is getting rather old and fragile, and I doubt it could handle HALO 1. I have been getting into MW4: Mercs online, albeit only in the older PR1 servers.